Now I am not going to mince words here...It will sound extremely fucked up...But it's a reality.

After 3 weeks, there appear to be over 150 dead and 850 still missing in Hawaii.

Almost all children.

There's unverified stories of hundreds washing up on a nearby beach who were pulled by the currents...It's all bad.

The govenor and the feds have shut down all media and I can't find any info anywhere but Gab and maybe Twitter.

They fucked up so bad that most of the owners of that Prime Land are dead or their kids are.

Now they are taking over it and going to do some fucked up Smart City bullshit.

I feel bad for the Hawaaians, but they are very mellow people and allowed themselves to get fooled into electing pieces of garbage, who then promoted garabge to VITAL positions over water, police, emergency services etc.

If you start reading what happened from people there it will blow you away at the amount of fuck ups.

What will happen?

That piece of shit govenor will fuck them over under the guise of "sAvInG tHe PlAnEt!" and none of them will serve a day in jail.

All this will continue all over the US, CAnda, Au, NZ, and Western Europe.

And we will all pretty much grumble but keep their heads down...Even me because unless something major happens no one is willing to do anything.

Voting doesn't work if you can't trust the vote counters...Dictaorship won't work for long so a heavy hand will be used on dissenters.

Take your bank account, block internet access, no job, no loans, no school, no public transportation, no ability to buy or sell etc.

I do wonder as many of you see the Media Manipulation in Hawaii and closing of any independent journalism if you finally see what's coming?