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    They're Not Even Trying Anymore
    Obviously something like 90% of internet chatter is spambots, A.I. The other 10%? A Noodles goofy on gummies shitposting racist/conspiracy theories for fun. So I know most of those click bait posts are A.I. made...Like: "30 Funniest Somalian Pirates That Make Great Crepes!" "10 DC Area Kids Not Smelled by Biden" "20 Catholic Priests You DIdn't Know Weren't Gay" But they had 2 and the PIc is OBVIOUSLY A.I.  It's not even believable and what's worst it also means there's an A.I. Editor who...
    By Noodles123 2024-05-17 01:28:09 0 23
    Thank You Daily Beast
    It's how I know I HAVE TO watch that movie. When they hate it...I know it's gonna be gud. Like your aunt's ass.  
    By Noodles123 2024-05-12 21:29:13 0 41
    I'm Not Asian But
    There seems to be a pattern in there somewhere. If I could only break the code! I bet it's that Whites are the BIGGEST criminal class of violent offenders against others. Especially blacks! No wonder blacks are so frightened of Whites! Those Anglo Saxon Savages are destroying the Peaceful, Clean, Sweet, Highly Productive, black Neighborhoods! SAVAGES with no seasonings! Where's Jesse?  Or Sharpton? Is Crump available?
    By Noodles123 2024-05-12 16:39:20 4 32
    Crazy...(Pauuuuuuuuuuse)...But Not Wrong
    So been prepping forever, since the early 1990's...No not for Y2K that shit only worried idiots. But even in great financial times, I looked to get out of the Rat Race and build "SOMETHING" special outside what I consider Modern Society. I always wanted a nice stone cottage by a river or stream to fish...But obviously things got weird in the US and as a whole it be crazy expensive with the salaries, materials, shipping and permits in the US. Soooooooo Noodles looked in Central/North America,...
    By Noodles123 2024-04-29 20:31:21 2 56
    Anyone Use Starlink for Internet?
    Since my place is going to be slightly off the trodden path I'm looking at Starlink Internet when the time comes. That shit is plug it in and point at the sky and BAM! Reliable fast internet service. Yes there is cheaper, but in my area it be stupid not to pay a little extra to stay connected and not argue in Spanish on some Customer Service Line with some Mexican Internet Representative named Jesus de Cristo de la Cruz or his female partner Maria Guadalupe de los Altos. Them in an...
    By Noodles123 2024-04-14 19:26:26 3 169
    I Wonder Why Iran is Attacking Poor Old Israel?
    Oh yeah they bombed their consulate embassy and killed at least 16 Iranians.   But now Israel is the "Victim?"
    By Noodles123 2024-04-13 22:51:57 3 144
    I Told You YEARS Ago
    That Paxolovid, the NEW "mAgIc CoViD cUrE" would end up not only NOT working, but wait till you read about the side effects from people who are now suffering from them. Not talking about the aches, taste change or stomach issues...The immune issues that caused them to get OTHER diseases due to the treatment. It makes your immune system weaker at a low low low price of $1300 per treatment of (5) cheaply made pills from Pfizer that cost them $13.38 to produce. Those Vaxxers who were touting it...
    By Noodles123 2024-04-07 14:27:12 0 160
    Years Ago
    I was once listening to Talk Radio because I'm like 176 years old. On it were a bunch of fringe militia "End of the world" types. The retired cop on the show was talking about how weak most of us are physically and mentally and how any major collapse of the Energy, Food, Fuel, Med industry was happening. That was like 2007-2008. It's so much worse now...In fact, compared to then we were at the cusp of our slow preplanned collapse. But what interested me and stuck with me was there push for...
    By Noodles123 2024-03-29 15:04:04 0 201
    WTF Chuck?
    So had some old partner act all weird when he got here to visit me in Yucatan with his wife. Literally disappeared or called last minute for everything, so I wrote him off. Got a message yesterday of them excusing themselves for their behavior, but it turned out the Mother In Law was in the hospital so they had to run around to go back to the US ASAP. Okay...Cool. But why didn't they just tell us? Imagine you take time, prep for someone and they shine you off, then afterwards tell you why and...
    By Noodles123 2024-03-07 23:30:13 10 216
    Had it for 3-4 days now...Went to see a lawyer and while waiting I ate at a resturant, whomever made my food must have been ill cus that shit hit me hard. Not as bad as other flus, but still lots of sweating, achying and a mental haze. Not covid, just the flu and hopefully in 2-3 days it'll be gone. No congestion, sneezing or hacking. Only thing that sucks is this crazy sore throat. Stay warm, stay safe, don't eat out unless necessary. Anyone get that flu too?  
    By Noodles123 2024-02-03 18:34:10 8 216
    This Guy is Channelling Me
      I'm not as crazy as you think and I'm not as wrong as you wish I was. https://twitter.com/MS_Sambo_/status/1751814893211169260  
    By Noodles123 2024-01-29 04:12:38 0 269
    Time Is Approaching
    When you'll no longer doubt this lady, who is actually well decorated doctor in the UK as a Pathologist and Cancer Specialist. Dr Clare Craig BM BCh FRCPath is a medical doctor and is a specialist Diagnostic Pathologist from England. She is a co-chair of the HART Group. Dr Craig is a consultant pathologist who worked for many years with in the UK National Health Service (NHS) before moving to work on the cancer arm of the 100,000 Genomes Project. ...
    By Noodles123 2024-01-29 04:07:45 13 227
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