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    Donde Estan biden Lovers?
    Just read an article stating that the average families cost of living has gone up $11,432 since biden took over. Which is what I kind of figured looking at what went up for me with food, fuel, energy etc back in Cali. Biden's Administration then countered that average wages went up $21,000. Errrrrrrm. I don't know ONE single person who's wages went up $20, 000+ Do you? I mean unless they worked more hours or got a second job, or wife went out to work etc. Where are these faggots getting these...
    By Noodles123 2023-12-01 17:23:29 0 85
    "I Wonder What My Old Boss Is Doing Right Now?"
    Pondered Noodles.
    By Noodles123 2023-11-16 05:55:57 0 98
    Holding in Some Big News
    No the test didn't come back positive. I'm talking about a Diabetes test what are you talking about? MONKEY POX???  WTF??? No I don't have that! No you can't check my hands,my Big Unit or my anus...You just have to trust me! Becomes I'm older that's why! P A U S E Oh okay...You can check...But no gay shit!  
    By Noodles123 2023-11-13 08:45:42 0 85
    In the Early 90's
    I bought a bunch of Judge Dredd Comix...In it was a story line, about all citizens being kept in Mega Cities full of crime, drugs and poverty at the mercy of a harsh Authoritative Government that used Judges to keep the line. In it, people were basically so stupid that everything you believed it was the opposite...Sports, singers, actors were everything even as society crumbled. The comix showed the extremes of society where incredibly rich walked among incredibly poor, all being held...
    By Noodles123 2023-11-06 21:48:21 5 109
    So got home 2 days ago...Was feeling achy and was on the way to see my masseuse and decided to pop a small piece of THC Brownie I had in the freezer. It was about 6 weeks old, but I had kept it frozen and I figured it had lost it's potency. So made it 2 small pieces. And NO it HAD NOT lost it's potency...Let me repeat that "IT HAD NOT LOST IT'S POTENCY." Took me about 20 minutes to get there and by then I was feeling it...My friend started the massage and I asked her to do it hard and it hurt...
    By Noodles123 2023-11-06 21:20:00 0 116
    Why Is He Putting Me On Main Street???
    I mean, I never made a pass on them. What? I'm just saying! What?
    By Noodles123 2023-11-01 17:31:06 4 209
    But like some sort of dream. So went back for another (3) classes at (2) universities yesterday...This time we planned it well and got drunk at the Irish Bar again, listened to a bunch of great 70's songs, went to class, had an amazing dinner in Little Saigon in San Francisco afterwards, on our way back while crossing the Golden Gate Bridge..."Somewhere" by Frank Sinatra came on while we cruised over it. It was pretty much perfect. On a added note:...I have no idea what's changed, but...
    By Noodles123 2023-10-27 20:34:30 4 148
    Hmmmmm? Sounds Great!
    The Western Journal Follow Oregon Drops Essential Skills Requirements to Graduate High School, Citing Harm to 'Marginalized Students' Story by Rachel M. Emmanuel  • 5h   Makes total sense...Don't grade, no homework, no attendence keeping and you can never be kicked out or suspended no matter what your behavior is.   Because minorities were failing to keep up with the standards.   LOL!  Wonder what those kids will be able to do without the...
    By Noodles123 2023-10-22 19:52:31 1 129
    Was zooming through my old town and as I was cruising to an appointment, North Cali felt so cold, empty and sad =( I wasn't in a bad mood or feeling anything, but the area which was nice just had that gray, bleak vibe off of it. Now where I'm at is a much poorer area than where I came from, but it always feels warm, happy. I love my girl and all, but I can't wait to get back home...It's a totally different vibe there, everything is not as fancy, but it has a homey feel to it...It's nice and I...
    By Noodles123 2023-10-19 06:26:14 0 107
    Let Me Get This Straight
    A country surrounded by large walls, gun turrets, drones, cameras, sensors and the most sophisticated hacking and sattelite system US Taxpayer money could buy...Along with our weapons, our Intelligence System and the "Iron Dome" Was overran by a bunch of muslims with low grade weapons, firework rockets and old trucks. The killing of women, children and old people is happening after what I assume is teh most hate and pushback I've ever seen jews actually get in my 52 years. So now I'm supposed...
    By Noodles123 2023-10-08 22:59:33 4 203
    Missed My Calling
    Once upon a time, Noodles was going for a degree in Liberal Studies, with an emphasis on Elementary Education...I actually was certified for K-12. Scary thought of course!  Poor kids!  I would have had those kids looking for UFOs, taking DMT, joining the Proud Boys, eating red meat, while burning styrofoam, while discussing why the world is flat. I actually gave classes at an elementary school and a junior high, as part of my mentor program...But alas I went on to bartend, wait...
    By Noodles123 2023-09-23 18:59:43 0 293
    No One Can Explain It
    From 800-1500 dead or still missing which pretty much means dead. No new videos coming from survivors in the last few days. No flights, drones allowed to be flown showing the damage. Multiple witnesses leaking that they have HUNDREDS in cooler trailers, waiting for identification. A black fence that covers all the damage surrounding for miles and miles with security from the PD, Private and National Guard harrassing you if you try to film. Almost a complete media blackout of the deaths, the...
    By Noodles123 2023-08-29 16:01:31 0 165
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