Pin Up Bet
    Pin Up Bet - это одна из наиболее популярных платформ для спортивных ставок и азартных развлечений. Она предоставляет игрокам широкий спектр возможностей для разнообразных ставок и азартных игр. Однако, чтобы увеличить свои шансы на выигрыш и получить промокод Pin Up bet дополнительные привилегии, многие игроки обращаются к промокодам Pin Up Bet. В этой статье мы рассмотрим, что такое промокоды Pin Up Bet и как они могут сделать ваш азартный опыт более увлекательным.Что такое промокод Pin Up...
    By anahale11 2023-10-01 06:46:09 0 10
    Brainstormed Bullshit #3 - Aware Yet Clueless
    Aware Yet Clueless.... Have you ever felt like you are aware of all things surrounding you? Have you ever felt this aware but remain feeling and thinking you are clueless and lost? Maybe the question I just wrote may not make sense to answer for some people to answer. Or, maybe, the question I just wrote may make sense to some people to answer.  Maybe I wrote this question as if it was rhetorical. And maybe the real answer is nothing but rhetorical . Who knows why I typed the question,...
    By aimeesuzanne77 2023-09-30 01:53:35 0 10
    Brainstorming Bullshit #2 - Untitl
    Again, I have returned to write another bullshit segment. The last time, I may have introduced myself and said some "hoorah" about maybe not writing in a long time, how I must  get back with it, and I may have mentioned other things or reasons why. I didn't read back to the first entry, yet. I'm sure I will after I finish this little article. I have been in such bad financial turmoil that I fear I might be without power after tonight until sometime next week. I'm the only one in the...
    By aimeesuzanne77 2023-09-22 14:29:27 2 97
    So yesterday I basically paid a woman to beat my ass. I went to my masseuse and it felt wonderful while she did a deep tissue massage with her elbow. But that was yesterday. Today this is me. Someone!  Bring me some Aleve, a margarita and a young college girl of dubious morals! It's for research damn it!  >=(
    By Noodles123 2023-09-14 19:13:03 3 82
    Tech jobs are scaling back wages and benefits and that should concern you, Even if you don't work in tech!
    Because this is going to lead to less choice of employers for employees, Lower wages for everyone, and less businesses starting up!Tech jobs are scaling back wages and benefits why should this concern you? because the average google employee only stays for 4 years for facebook its 3.7Where do they normally go? They normally start their own businesses and employ more people! Their will be less competition out with less businesses starting up with less wages so any business wont have...
    By hydro 2023-09-11 11:09:26 2 111
    I mean listen to the names: Anti-Defemation League fighting for equality. American Civil Liberties Union fighting for our rights. Souther Poverty Law Center, I mean they're in the SOUTH HELPING THE POOR! Sounds all good like Antitifa...I mean who isn't against fascists right? NAH all these **** were doing the opposite AND NOW EVERYONE IS STARTING TO SEE IT. Hence why those dumb obvious Feds and Nazis are in Flordia at Disney etc. To scare people into believing that these jews are the...
    By Noodles123 2023-09-05 22:18:46 2 78
    Meme So Good I Got
    aroused. (Pause) And no homeless were involved. (Pause) This time.    
    By Noodles123 2023-09-01 07:39:50 0 136
    Since last night I've been just feeling like crap. I'm getting so tired of trying with anything. I paid around $300 on that credit card of Cory's and then he charged more to it. Then the big fuck you came when I was planning on bringing my guitars home and putting them in the space that would open up since he is 19 today and was supposed to be moving out. No...he "doesn't have the money" to move out. Of course he doesn't. He blows it all on stupid shit. He has no idea how to save money. Once...
    By RIGORMOTOR 2023-08-15 16:54:01 0 86
    Brainstorming Bullshit - Nonfiction Post
         There's a reason why I titled this article the way I did. I'm not sure if I'm trying to express myself or break this serious writer's block that's driving me mad, depressing me, and annoying me. It isn't nonfiction writing that is the blockage, but it is songwriting or lyrical poetry and fiction writing that I have been blocked with for almost 25 years. I used to write fiction and nonfiction. But with fiction, I tended to become lost and it is as if I forgot how to write...
    By aimeesuzanne77 2023-08-12 04:09:42 1 107
    Dear You,
    I've been racking my brain trying to figure out why our relationship bothers me so much. Why, for the past 10 or so years I've felt nothing but hostility towards you. Growing up, you were the "good parent" in my mind. It was so easy to see how bad the other was. The abuse and manipulation were blatant. No matter how much they tried to make themselves out to be the good guy, they were always a bit too mentally deficient to make it work. They were brutish and stupid. But you weren't.  I...
    By LittleMissDeath 2023-08-10 05:13:22 5 99
    But, wait - there's more
    Connected to the "article" I posted recently. Regarding the ex mentioned (relationship that unfortunately had to end in 2010) - I saw her yesterday, for the first time since 2010.  It was beyond surreal.  We'll call her "K1."  Back to her in a moment. I spent the last couple of days up in Maine.  I had to visit a customer up there today, and a friend was staying at this wild AirBnB antique mountain house up there this week with her family, and she invited me to come up and...
    By LiveFreeOrDie 2023-08-10 03:57:51 0 142
    So, here's an anomalous post for me - something personal!  Enjoy, before I likely later delete it. How would I categorize this?  A personal gripe with myself, perhaps?  Sure, we'll go with that! TL;DR version: why the heck am I so opposed to the idea of my having children? I had never given much thought to the idea of having children, as it was not ever something I actively wanted, let alone thought about.  I first realized that I genuinely did not want to have kids after...
    By LiveFreeOrDie 2023-08-05 05:37:29 6 93
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