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    Android App Development in the UAE Unveiled
    In the ever-evolving technological landscape of the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Android app development stands out as a key driver of innovation and digital transformation. As the UAE continues to embrace cutting-edge technologies, there is a growing demand for skilled Android app developers who can navigate the unique challenges and opportunities presented by this dynamic market. In this blog post, we will unveil the intricacies of android app development uae, offering insights into the key...
    By devicebee 2024-02-22 15:21:22 0 4
    Joyous Time
    When shit you said comes true and even the ones who denied it silently know they were wrong and don't even argue anymore. Watching the transformation of HardCore Vaxxers suddenly becoming "Vaccine Injured VICTIMS." Or suddenly not want to talk about it...Like if you ignore it then you won't get the cancer, heart attack or stroke etc. Negro please. You were all gung ho for the vax, you clapped when they tried to force us...Fine, jail, take our kids, stop us from walking in the park, getting a...
    By Noodles123 2024-02-13 18:13:00 1 69
    My New Baby
    This MIGHT look like it, but it is NOT a Baseball Bat...It's actually heavier and thinnner to be used as a "Protection Device." It's not as hollow and if it hits something or someone they will likely have something broken. I.E. SHATTERED. I'm not fucking around.
    By Noodles123 2024-02-08 20:04:23 3 100
    Oh Lawd! They're right!
    James O'Keefe Says He'll Be Gay With As Many Men As Needed To Get To The Bottom Of Deep State Corruption   Why does James O'Keefe keep meeting up undercover with gay men to get them to confess stuff? How do they not know it's him? Dude literally looks the same in every sting, except he died his hair blonde brown for some reason. James!  Stop doing that shit!  You going to catch the Monkey Pox!
    By Noodles123 2024-02-05 04:23:27 0 118
    Noodles Doesn't Get It
    Reading all these sad stories about people who got all fucked up because they were molested or abused as children. Now they're adults and all fucked up emotionally. They go over how miserable they are, how life is useless and they are in a deep hole of darkness just waiting to basically die of sadness or get sick due to their sadness and die. I'm sorry...But fuck those people. If I'm an adult, I'd settle my situation, get ready for prison, pick out what I would need to make it comfortable....
    By Noodles123 2024-01-16 15:19:49 8 178
    It's coming
    https://twitter.com/i/status/1733054607171936677 They can DELETE the data in New Zealand and arrest the Whistleblower...You can pretend they didn't just find emails that the Italians knew it was killing people, but CHANGED the data and reports, they can hide the data in Australia, Germany, Spain, Austria, Greece, France etc. They can pretend that 90%+ of all deaths of Covid in the UK and Ireland aren't people that are TRIPLE vaxxed. Not even counting the 40% rise in clots, heart attacks,...
    By Noodles123 2023-12-15 16:58:42 3 227
    No One Does! >=(
    Damn Skippy!
    By Noodles123 2023-12-12 03:44:10 0 240
    Day 5
    I didn't get much sleep last night, as I came home late after working on a group project with classmates until almost midnight. In spite of being tired, I had to peel myself out of bed this morning and take the kids to school (late, but I still got them there).  Not much to report, except more fighting with spouse (this time about money). I often wonder how much is too much to help a spouse or significant other financially? In helping this person I share children with, am I being a life...
    By Lady_Lazarus 2023-12-01 20:08:17 2 225
    Missing a old friend
    I used to know someone on this site that used to be emowire. Hell a few I miss a lot. One in particular was named raven. Went by some sorta name like arachnid something. Miss her a lot. Sometimes I think maybe she'd show up on here but doubt it. Idk. Now you raven. Hope to hear from you again someday. 
    By TravisTouchdown6 2023-11-28 06:35:35 0 190
    When I got back to Yucatan after staying like 20 days in the states my back was FUCKED. Long flights, small seats and my girl's too soft mattress...I hate soft mattresses. So I got back and just did my thang, if I didn't say anything you wouldn't know since I move just fine...But minute I try to bend I suddenly become 174 years old. There's a specialist doctor I see sometimes who fixes that, but I was being stupid and thinking it would just pop back in place, but then I reminded myself that I...
    By Noodles123 2023-11-17 16:32:55 2 272
    Faulty Page?
    I dont know whats the Problem with this new site. I cant upload any Picture content anymore since half a year. So dont wonder whats with me and why im not updating my profile, now ya know. It feels like the new site got uploaded and not really tested or supported since then.
    By Golinchen 2023-11-07 15:24:33 0 302
    I Know a Bunch Won't Even Say It Aloud Buuuut
    Remember when I said that the jews were overplaying their bullshit and that people were noticing and that they were starting to see the pattern of who is running shit into the ground and I said that there would be a time when the Hate for them would grow so strong again that we'd be looking at a 110th Round up and Expulsion of Jews yet again? And no one would say anything because of fear of being called "Racist" or seemingly agreeing with my crazy predictions? Yet again and again I get proven...
    By Noodles123 2023-11-03 18:13:09 0 374
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Noodles Doesn't Get It
Reading all these sad stories about people who got all fucked up because they were molested or...
By Noodles123 2024-01-16 15:19:49 8 178
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