.    I decided I wanted to write this article kind of decked out. I just like things to be different. I am mostly a variety chick in many ways. I feel it is the spice of life, again with the cliches', and it does keep things from being so damn dull and boring.

     I made some changes to my profile, and I even reposted five of the seven social network links on my profile, as well.  Plus, I changed my photo and cover photo. I know I went Danzig crazy in the background, but it looks cool to me.

     I have still been blocked in writing, kind of. I am starting here and there, but it seems I just cannot drive and motivate myself to write.  I feel awful about it. I have tried brainstorming, ideas conjuring, and yada yada yada blah blah...splat splat.  It does not work.  But I did find something that may help me begin to write.

     I found templates and such that I can fill in or whatnot when I am working on something fictitious.  I even have templates for my nonfiction work. I do feel in nonfiction writing, the templates or certain templates, as you can create one yourself, are extremely helpful, especially in film, book, and music reviews and article-style essays or themes.  So I am going to attempt to use templates in my fiction writing to see where it all leads.

     I have not hand drawn anything much this year.  I do tend to again, it is that I have been stumped in what I'm wanting to draw or feeling I should draw, if that made sense.  I guess I have had some indecision in what ones I want to draw and such, and my times have not been the greatest for me (especially the last three nearly four years.  

.    Forgive my grammar and such. I usually write way better than this.   But I use these articles here to write on a more personal basis anyways, so it doesn't matter. It is as if I'm sitting right around you or beside you and talking your legs off. 

     I am trying to make changes. In time, I will be doing readings again. For 31 years, I have been learning, studying, exercising, and living my life as an Empath and Clairsentient.  I read tarot cards and can read people off photos, if given to me.  I also can do other small things.  I have had experience with a Ouija Board or Psychic Circle Board or Spirit Boards, etc., always with an open minded partner. I do prefer males than females only because I seek the masculine energy.  I am female and female mine, so.  Even though spiritually we have no sexual organs or not named as male or female, but in this existence or plane we have the sexual organs and are either male or female. But females usually possess the feminine energies as the male presents masculine energy. But if I'll use the same sex as a partner in using the boards, if needed.

     I know some astrology and numerology. some occult or mystical, spiritual subjects, dream interpretation, and answer many love, money, and career questions. I usually like to determine the question of my seeker, but I always let the seeker decide to ask the question or nine out of ten times, I pick up the question before asked.

     i may have to work for a company, at first. But I would like to do my own readings on Facebook, LinkedIn, X formerly known as Twitter, and I would like to do videos on Instagram and YouTube.  I have lots to learn about this stuff, but any pointers anyone wants to give to assist me and guide me would be awesome.

     I have not been feeling too well lately. I know I have been badly depressed, anxious, irritable, and frustrated or maybe aggravated about certain things going on in my life. I am doing my best to work on this and make changes. It seems I'm a slacker, but maybe I am just learning to flap my wings again.

     Thank you to those who took the time to read my babblings.  Have a good one, and I send love and blessings.