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    Holy Fuck!
    I read the news CONSTANTLY and I didn't know this nor heard about it off any source! I remember what a big deal that whole "Drag Queen Story Hour" bullshit in Milwakukee and how some on the HR SAID the people associated with this thing were pedofiles or it was putting multiple kids at risk and was going to be a child predator feeding zone. In fact, the drag queen is the person the whole arguement about when it all started. So it SHOCKS me that I never heard ANYONE mention it??? Is this some...
    By Noodles123 2024-01-17 22:59:36 0 137
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Guess I Have To Go To Saudi Arabia
I mean if I get anymore straight I'd own like 8 pairs of these jeans.  
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How Come No One Really...
Saying anything about EIGHT fucking RUSSIAN MULTI-BILLIONAIRES all dying in the last 5 months or...
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