Straight Lies To Your Face
    MONEYWATCH  Ineffective ingredient could make Dayquil, Sudafed and others disappear from store shelves https://www.cbsnews.com/news/phenylephrine-fda-ruling-nasal-decongestants/ So the FDA is trying to pull any and all cold meds that have Phenylephrine...Saying they don't work. Bullshit...I used to have terrible allergies that swelled my eyes, had my nose running, coughing etc. I took expensive shit, did allergy injections for a miserable year, taken all the name brand shit and it might...
    By Noodles123 2023-09-18 17:18:46 0 62
    7 Day Weekends
    Does anyone remember that weird, rich dude supposedly from NYC who looked like Slash from "GnR?" He was on Vampire Freaks always trying to get girls to be his "Princess" and go see him for "7 Day Weekends?" Man the amount of straight weirdoes on that site was beautiful! It was the worst with crazy trolls, hackers, pedofiles, snooty europeans, autistics, stoners, pervs, psychopaths, Screamos, Emos, fat goths etc etc. Followed by Lolitas, middle age housewives who liked Evanescence, older punks...
    By Noodles123 2023-09-12 01:42:08 4 113
    Errrrrm Her Fault
    For leaving me unsupervised.  If I had a wife...Errrrm that I was still married to that is. Annnnnnnd if I had a kid you know at my chipper age of 52...Although in dog years I believe that's 876...Lunar Years. As the crow flies. In other news:  An iguana family moved into my neighbors room and I see them once in awhile sunning or peeking. It's only 2 but I hope they have Baby Iguanas. Think of them as Jungle Possums...They eat a lot of pests.  
    By Noodles123 2023-09-01 05:55:41 0 100
    Stay Strong Vaxxers!
    You do you. Don't listen to this quack, Dr. Ryan Cole, just because he's a highly trained double specialized doctor in virology with his own diagnostic center and after working 5 years at the Mayo Clinic. What does he know?  NUTIN! Fauci has all this under control and when a great leader like biden pushes the vax on you then you roll up your sleeve and get that shit! What you don't love your grandma??? Now you also get the Booster!...
    By Noodles123 2023-08-28 07:35:01 0 105
    Be Honest
    So watching a terrible European movie called "Killer Book Club" (Do NOT ask me why!) and the professor makes a move on the college girl in his office, being all clumsy and I was all: "That guy was sleazy! And he has as much game with the women as a very young and dapper Richard Simmons" But what if you had to have a meeting with a very young, fit and obviously hung Professor Noodles who gave required courses on "Racism 101: A Practical Guide on How To" and "The Kabbalah Labbah:  The...
    By Noodles123 2023-08-26 06:41:19 0 96
    So on Friday this happened: "A California business owner was shot to death by a suspect who complained about an LGBTQ flag hanging at the store."-MSN News Instantly, all these "Fucking MAGAts!" posts and comments starting popping out...Blaming it all on us Trumpies. I noticed by Saturday, the name of the perp hadn't been blasted on 50 stories so I said: "I bet this fuck isn't even white and probably a lib." Well he was a minority, Japanese and he's half Lib in that he HATES...
    By Noodles123 2023-08-22 08:17:52 3 73
    Me Explaining Stuff To Guys on "Hey Freaks"
    https://twitter.com/MagaMemeWizard/status/1688276160403087360?s=20 I'm Ice-T in this scenario and yes this is what it would be like if I ever met Warhammer432.
    By Noodles123 2023-08-07 06:57:01 1 170
    I'll Say It
    I'm TIRED of all these "MIlitary Mom/Dad Surprises Kids or Spouse at School/Work" videos. One of these days some hubby going to get a surprise at home with the wifey or the wifey with the hubby and it's going to go all bad. Hubby going to catch the wife looking like she a Conehead eating a Costco hotdog. Plus why they always try to make the kids cry for more "Likes" on SnapCrap or FaceLibro.  
    By Noodles123 2023-07-21 23:27:58 0 201
    What is the Goth Industrial Scene and Music?
    This debate has been around way too long however most of us believe we know the answer and this is my belief. In the beginning there was Rock, metal, to alternative but in or beginning there was punk. Punk came around in the late 60's to 70's and is still around but all music evolves and changes but todays punks is nothing like the beginning but opened the doors to post punks and power pop. Back in the 80's punk opened the doors to a more artsy version of itself known as Goth Rock and Death...
    By vampyrian616 2023-06-28 13:19:53 0 154
    Fuck Dis Guys
    So is Noodles in Amsterdam at a Conspiracy Theory Convention at Vriji Universiteit of Amsterdam? Da. Did he see speakers from Cambridge, Bristol, University of Tel Avi, Rutgers, Oxford etc present their theories about how we Conspiracy Theorists were completely wrong about the Vax?  Climate Change? Racism?  The Great Reset?  The Great Replacement? Da. Did they offer any evidence except to say we were racist and wrong? Nope. Yesterday I was at (5) lectures and NONE...And I mean...
    By Noodles123 2023-06-03 09:56:06 5 211
    Reread a Blog I Wrote a Year Ago
    On banking, interest and the collapse of the dollar at this point. Not only was I 100% correct, but it was actually worse. I have no idea how they keep fooling people with fake economic numbers which a week later they'll backtrack on, but by then people don't notice. By 2025, there will only technically be 3-4 major banks...Most small ones will be taken over and made part of the NWO Borg forcing us all into a crypto dollar and full control. Noodles has been saying this since 1999...That they...
    By Noodles123 2023-05-06 17:11:25 1 324
    This Is Spreading Nationwide...Enjoy!
    Reason I say enjoy, is people have been warning you about this Trans agenda...Including me for over 2 decades saying this is nothing like the Gay Agenda...This is mentally Ill people everyone is pretending are sane.   I think this is literally some End of Times child sacrifice to ba'al or moloch...Not even kidding...It's spreading to all the major hospital systems INCLUDING Catholic hospitals.   This is no longer just weird/odd/unsettling/a mistake this is being done on purpose from...
    By Noodles123 2023-05-05 05:46:59 3 274
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