With the Wave Gothic meeting (Gottik Treffen) coming up I have been reviewing the bands that are playing.

While every band has at least some elements of Goth, some are better than others.

Here are some of my favourite choices playing this year:

*Schwarzer Engel. Powerful rocking Goth.
*Pysclon Nine.Industrial Goth.                          
*Extize. Industrial Goth.   
*The Bellweather Syndicate. Cross Christian Death and Ministry.             
*Tiamat. Metal Goth.     
*Haunt Me. Darkwave from Texas.     
*Ausgang. 1985.     
*The secret French Postcards. Coldwave angst.   
*Megaherz. Neue Deutsch Harte with Marilyn Manson vibes.    
*Primordial. Celtic Metal. What I call pseudogoth. Still it's 5/5 stars.  
*Tanzwut. Rammsteinichkeit.
*Christian Death.