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    No one is taking the Johnson & Johnson Vaccine since it was killing people. https://arstechnica.com/health/2023/06/j-fda-revokes-authorization/ SO it QUIETLY was allowed to disappear while everyone pretended otherwise. Astrazeneca is going to kill many many many with "Rare" cancers/clots and is now being phased out QUIETLY...Luckily it's mostly outside of the US. https://arstechnica.com/health/2023/06/j-fda-revokes-authorization/ Moderna was "JUST" found to "ACCIDENTLY" stop your body...
    By Noodles123 2024-05-09 15:04:08 0 172
    "Economy is Great!" -President Joey B
    https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2024-04-05/us-jobs-roar-again-as-payrolls-jump-303-000-unemployment-drops?embedded-checkout=true   I mean no way could these jobs be stupid government jobs, part time jobs to make up for not making enough money due to inflation, or very low paying jobs given to illegals huh? By the way, rumour is that the workers that died on the bridge that was brought down in Baltimore were all ILLEGALS...Working for the city...Without proper documentation:...
    By Noodles123 2024-04-05 18:53:41 0 323
    Never Accept Less Than You Deserve
    Had a pal and his wife visit area. Very hard to pin them down even though they wanted me to show then things and the area since I've been here like 15 months. However, all their stuff was last minute...Like I'm supposed to be waiting around? Nah...That's not how plans work...Especially since I'm in the middle of construction. Odd thing was when we did meet up we had lots of fun and laughs. But I'm not waiting around all day...So since my sister is coming tomorrow, I'm cool on last minute Tour...
    By Noodles123 2024-03-04 18:55:50 5 301
    Weird As Fuck
    Sitting at a wine bar with a bottle of very good cab, the place and the cafe next to me full of either Europeans or Americans. While LITERALLY in front of me Yucatecos get on the bus watching us. This will not end well You can't starve the locals and feed the outsiders. .It's got to be semi even. I remember saying the same thing in Brussels. Telling my girl that Brussels was ready to riot because I felt it  3 weeks later the city erupted. Only thing keeping shit in order here is people...
    By Noodles123 2024-01-16 22:16:38 0 419
    At a Bar at the Airport
    My favorite airport in fact... Houston. Waiting on my ✈️ so I can be at home with my Fat Dog, who for the record is going to be very mad at me. But I have a new squeaky toy for her, it's the equivalent of giving a woman jewelry after making her mad. A screaming chicken. She is going to drive me crazy with it and I wouldn't have it any other way. 
    By Noodles123 2023-11-04 20:35:17 0 652
    Was on the 580 heading towards San Jose chatting with my girl. Yeah she's real...I swear! No you can't see or talk to her she's errrrm mute and shy. What? I'm just sayin' Anyways, the fucking Mapquest was garbage which goes back to my "Internet Rot" theory, while we talked about all the suspicious airplane trails that weren't evaporating which goes back to my "Chem Trail" theory, when in the distance we saw a silver orb. About 2500 feet off in the distance, and not huge but maybe 8'-10' x...
    By Noodles123 2023-11-02 17:12:23 4 636
    Had to wake up at 5:30am today and Noodles HATE that. But since I was worried about waking up I woke up at 4am. I grabbed my phone all mad like a Giant Hispanic Baby who has defecated in his bed. BUT I HADN'T. (Whispers: "This time") So saw the time and 😁 since I still had another hour and a half of sleep left. It was like finding a $20 on the streets. That little extra rest made all the difference. 
    By Noodles123 2023-10-24 20:36:30 5 493
    Houston Airport🛫🛫🛫
    Maybe the best airport I've ever been in and I've been in dozens. Clean, great bars and restaurants, everyone is polite and the women make Tony the Tiger say chauvinist stuff about Big Butts. Just sayin'
    By Noodles123 2023-10-12 16:29:55 0 735
    I'm at a lil dive bar, drinking Dos Xs and whiskey, listening to some amazing Rock in Español being served shots by what I assume is a 15 year old kid. And his 16 year old bartender brother. My shot was free poured HUGE about 2 ounces+ and it was a whopping $2.50. Je-Sus Cristo!  It's 2 blocks from my house. This is very bad. 
    By Noodles123 2023-08-24 01:26:09 3 814
    Babies, toddlers, teenagers, and young adults up to 24 years old are dying at 45% above historical levels since the COVID vaccines were introduced, data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) shows. It's starting to ramp up...Let's see how far this goes before people stop pretending it's not happening.  
    By Noodles123 2023-08-14 05:35:30 0 726
    I was aching on my left side for weeks now. Went to the Radiologist and got an X-Ray. I have a broken pelvis bone that appears ready to break soon enough. It must have been a fissure break from my duty belt or some fight I had with an inmate. Since I assumed it was my back, I kept doing too much and soooooooo now I might need an operation or some sort of cast. Harumph. Oh well... Better to fix it now than wait for it to snap out of the blue. Going to have to hire a maid to clean the house,...
    By Noodles123 2023-08-11 14:56:01 5 637
    Travel Observations
    Been in tons of airports, but why the fuck is LAX like -30 degrees?  I'm not the Chillie Willie type, but DAMN!  I could make a⛄ at this temperature. The Nordics are allowing a flood of illegals from Africa and the Middle East in their cities, but I swear it's just to use them as servants or for every low paying job they have. All my waiters, cooks, taxi drivers, maids, bartenders etc etc EXCEPT 1 were foreigners. Belgium and the Netherlands were cool, but the natives are WEIRD......
    By Noodles123 2023-06-11 16:27:50 0 869
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