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    We All Do Realize Now, That We're Under illuminati/jew/elite's Control Right?
    Been saying several major things about biden for years. How he was a dementia riddled pedophile who was destroying the US for bribes...That he did NOT win the 2020 election, that he molested his children, that they have been using the DOJ as a hammer against anyone they don't like. THAT NEITHER HE NOR HARRIS MAKE ANY DECISIONS...THERE IS A GROUP OF EVIL FUCKS USING HIM AS A MANCHURIAN CANDIDATE OR PUPPET TO STEAL AND BRING THE US TO RUIN. Now do you KINDA believe? What more proof do you need...
    By Noodles123 2024-06-30 17:58:20 0 162
    How's That "Stone Wall" You're Supposedly building Noodles?
    They said with disdain while rolling their eyes: "This motherfucker is NOT building shit I bet and if he is, I bet nothing has been done!"-Yelled Bitter Impotent Males and Females with Mustaches. Bushy Lush Thick Mustaches...Like your Auntie Bunny has...Errrrm, but with less gray hairs and she's not Puerto Rican. Oh it's going well so far. The pic is about 1/8th of what has gone up so far...My back wall exterior looks straight out of some medievel castle because it's just ugly mortar and...
    By Noodles123 2024-06-25 21:58:41 4 154
    My House Ghost
    So when I first moved in I remember feeling a male presence in my living room...Being my rental house is about 170 years old I figured quite a few people have died in this house, because back in the day you died at home among family not with tubes at a hospital among strangers. I previouslymentioned tha a month ago it had told me to take my keys because the door was going to slam and "He/It" was correct. Well on Saturday I slammed the door shut on my way out...I mean slammed it because of the...
    By Noodles123 2024-06-21 14:21:27 1 110
    Happy Pride Month!
    Fuck yeah! Now we talking!
    By Noodles123 2024-06-03 20:04:38 0 181
    Hi there.
    Hi I'm FrozenRobot, I'm looking for anyone who might remember me from emowire. Please reach out if you do. I could use my friends right about now.
    By FrozenRobot 2024-06-02 20:19:22 0 93
    Dear Republican Party  ... I don't want to hear another damn word about Ukraine.I don't want to hear another damn word about Israel. I don't want to hear another damn word about GAZA. I don't want to hear another damn word about Taiwan. I don't want to hear another damn word about any other country except the USA, you America-last war pigs.  The fascist Democrat Party has completely destroyed our country from within, we have a wide open border, and they're shitting on the...
    By DominiCane 2024-05-31 01:37:00 0 125
    Noodles After Watching Bambi Thug
    Watch their losing interview afterwards...What a fucking sore loser.
    By Noodles123 2024-05-13 20:18:29 0 182
    Errrrrrm Okay.
    By Noodles123 2024-05-12 16:03:53 2 240
    Not Today Satan!
    They did interviews with 5 Protestors at Colombia University and only 2 out of 5 could semi-explain why they were fucking up the semester for the other 95% of students not involved in that bullshit. The ones who KNEW absolutely NOTHING were of course Dumb Ass White Girls who were protesting God knows what...THAT THEY THEMSELVES ADMITTED ON VIDEO TO NOT KNOWING. Recently the same thing happened at my GF's University and the protestors were told: "THIS ABSOLUTELY HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH US AND...
    By Noodles123 2024-05-01 23:19:36 0 196
    Around 2008 on Vampire Freaks
    We started seeing trans people come into the conversation. There were a few on VampireFreaks, but nothing like today...Big sexxual thing then was being "Pansexxual" or everyone pretending to be "Bi-sexxual." Noodles was and is a mean Bastard, but I wasn't hating. Do what you want...I don't care, not my life or my body...Just don't bug me with it. But WHAT I DO ODDLY WELL IS: I read patterns...I'm like an Idiot Savant with heavy on the "Idiot" part, but I NEVER mince my words or hedge my...
    By Noodles123 2024-04-25 14:29:05 5 165
    My girl is very much into the Gay Community, her main friends are all gay and she and I usually get along with all of them...They know I'm not pro anything, but these are older gays who work, pay their taxes, don't push any weird Groomer shit and have stable lives. HOWEVER, in the last 4-5 years, that community was hit by the rise of the trans community UNITING with them. At first it sounded all cool, a coalition of people on the fringes fighting back against oppressors etc etc. People like...
    By Noodles123 2024-04-23 17:13:58 0 227
    Any Germans Here?
    Just read that the EVs in that country have dropped 30% because your country has no cheap energy....And that they are attempting to make it near illegal to drive on weekends. Is this true or just bullshit? Just a proposal or a serious push? Cus you Jerry's better wake up otherwise...Cus you're getting FUCKED by the EU/NATO....
    By Noodles123 2024-04-14 13:07:41 0 225
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