No not 51-50...That's something else.

Anyways, a year ago, I bought a steam pot and 72 big ass mason jars to try my luck at prepping meat/food long term without a fridge.

I made a beef shepard stew with garlic, salt and onions for flavor...I chopped in some carrots, tomatoes and potatoes to boot.

Been on my chopping table for that time in high heat year round.

Today I cautiously popped open the jar, thinking it would stink my house up it it had spoiled.


Came out just fine.

Ate some...Tastes fine...But if I die of Botuslism in the next 24 hours you'll know what it was :P

Only thing was the meat was very dry and the flavor was gone...So basically I cooked like an Englishman or German.

Now need to figure out how to keep it properly moist and with flavor...I know I probably did something wrong, but as far as preserving the meat etc?

I did that...So it's a 50-50 win lose thang.