Was walking my dog and a neighbor saw me and said:  "My tree gave me too many, here try some."

She handed me a small bag with 6 weird Kiwi looking fruits...Harder skin and some slight fuzz.

I asked what they were and she mentioned some weird Mayan name that I will never be able to remember.

Popped them in the fridge and forgot for about 3 days...Then last night I said Ill try em.

Ugly things TBH, then I cut it open and it was like brownish with no real smell...Maybe a little sweet...Slight scent.

The fruit was like seperated like orange sections and then I tasted it.

It was like a combination of Apple + Pear + Banana + a bit of molasses...Very good when cold and very sweet!

Like I am 100% sure I could make some liquor out of this if fermented...I gave it a solid 8 1/2.

Not as great as a Mango or a Boshe/Asian Pear, but very good.

Don't ask me what it's called, because I swear they are making up words in Mayan to confuse a Noodles.

I think it's these and they look like the Mamay...But smaller.