And on my way back home, I stopped off at Fancy Rich Kid Bar and the people were beautiful...Everyone was young, healthy, lean and all were like it was the Mexican Version of "Beverly Hills 90210."

But it was loud as fuck so drank my mojito and kept on...I then stopped at a dive bar place mixxed with kids around the same age...Under 35 or so.

Music and prices were awesome, but just about everyone looked and I'm not trying to be a dick or rude or exaggerate, but very heavy, unhealthy and not that attractive.

Reminded me of a lyric in a U2 song about how the Rich stay healthy while the Poor become unhealthy and stay poor.

It's not the the money and ability to buy supplements and expensive fruits and veggies etc.

It's the lack of attention many poor people have towards health...We tend to ignore shit...Illnesses, aches, lack of sleep etc.

We do drugs, drink, party hard, stay up, eat terribly, live under stressful situations often caused by our terrible decisions.

Not to say there aren't plenty of rich folks like that also, but you could see the health on the Rich kids compared to the Poor kids was COMPLETELY different.

A visible line in the sand to compare and contrast.

Not saying the Rich are wiser, but they try to eat better, take care of their bodies better and I think that if you have money it cuts about 50% of your stress away.

I wonder how much of people's illnesses are just a reflection of stress induced eating, drinking, drugging and having mental issues due to the stress?

I guess the only way for Noodles to fight it off is more naps, Adult Swim Cartoons, gummies and cold Tamarindo Juice while listening to Lynyrd Skynyrd.