So say 100 years ago the high end of society looked clean, thin, healthy, smart and could hold conversations about multiple subjects.


In an age where bearded men walk in summer dresses, multimillionaire actors, athletes, singers and artists look homeless the new style is to be "GRUNGY"

To appear to be poor with splatters of wealth.

Look like shit, but have gold grill teeth.

Drive a lambo, but have terrible face tats.

Can't speak consise smart sentences, but instead own a mansion, while mumbling some sort of English Ebonics Hybrid Language.

Because we're not really poor in the US...We're poor because we have no clout.

That's what people are chasing, it's not that we don't have a car, food, shelter available...It's that it's not the shoes, the clothes, the car, the vacation etc we want.

We're an Envious Society.

You go somewhere cool on vacation, eat, drink, have a great time...But some people will see one of the Kardasians going to Bali, partying in wealth and suddenly what they loved is no longer worth anything.

In their heart, they've made themselves poor.


I often go to a cool little bar, with great drinks and food...I don't think about what other places I'm NOT at...I'm not thinking about "I wish I was elsewhere because it's nicer in Cancun or Cabo" or "I wish I could afford to waste a bunch in Vegas or San Francisco!"

I enjoy my moment at THAT bar, THAT mojito, THAT taco, THAT song playing.

We've become a society of petty envious people and that's why so many aren't happy.

Annnnnnnnnd if you are poor, there is nothing stopping you from cleaning your house/room/kitchen/bathroom, making things nicer instead of living in filth and then complaining about living in filth.

Imagine motherfuckers all jealous of people like this on the pic...Not because of who they are, but of what they have.