So is Noodles in Amsterdam at a Conspiracy Theory Convention at Vriji Universiteit of Amsterdam?


Did he see speakers from Cambridge, Bristol, University of Tel Avi, Rutgers, Oxford etc present their theories about how we Conspiracy Theorists were completely wrong about the Vax?  Climate Change? Racism?  The Great Reset?  The Great Replacement?


Did they offer any evidence except to say we were racist and wrong?


Yesterday I was at (5) lectures and NONE...And I mean NONE had any facts, but just naming things they considered wrong.

Several of them kept talking about the term/definition of "Conspiracy Theory" while not explaining the man who coined it, Sir Karl Popper and then it was SPECIFICALLY used by the CIA and NSA to discredit anyone who questioned whatever bullshit the US was doing?


I mean, imagine you fly all the way to Amsterdam to see the other side of the coin, I came to see the BEST, the CREAM OF THE CROP of Academia explain to me if I was wrong by presenting FACTS.

NONE of these PHD's/Doctors/Professors did that.

They spoke in circles and made up weird definitions like?

That if a POC does something racist against a white it isn't racist...But if the white does THE EXACT SAME THING to a POC it is.

The conference was put together by some trans from the University of Beijing and it was 25 minutes of nothing.

All of them kept using information that was very dated on multiple subjects and wrong.

The kid from Bristol, I spoke to is giving a lecture today on how we need more censorship in the UK to protect people from Misinformation.

The lecturer from the University of Tel Avi was giving Covid facts that have been disproved over 12-14 months ago...I'm talking disproved by MODERNA AND PFIZER themselves in their COURT MANDATED data/study dumps.

This was wild!

I am no longer with ANY doubt of many of my theories...It reinforced them.

If they had taught me, informed me, gave me NEW info I would have accepted the loss, but instead it was a crazy Echo Chamber where if you didn't toll the line you were odd duck out.

Hell, I even spoke with 2 presenters from the University of Barcelona who were pro-HPV Vaccine which has hurt waaaaaaaaaaaaaay more women than protected them...However, let's say I was wrong about it, since the hundreds of multiple trials are still pending.

IE...Gardasil Lawsuits. 

Let's just take a step back and talk about the side effects and data that Merck HAS ADMITTED MAYBE they were wrong on.

Look at the Irish "Great Regret" movement which is highly censored in Ireland/UK and the EU...Just like Anti-Covid Vaccine info was here.

Where you could be censored on FB, Youtube, Twitter for even posting MODERNA and PFIZER DOCUMENTS.

Turns out they had never read about the side effects or looked at the other side's POVs...They were just Pro because it was a "Vaccine" so anyone against it fell in the CRAZY ANTI-VAX movement...Somehow forgetting that Anti-VAxxers till 2020 have almost always been LIBERALS...NOT the Right Wingers.

Anyways, when any of the presenters was asked about ANYTHING that didn't follow their Echo Chamber Mantra they diregarded it.

It was actually good to see them straight skewing things that they didn't agree with instead of PROVING their points with data.

EVERY asshole like me has an opinion...But I can link articles, documents, stories, studies and reports to prove my point.

And no not from Alex Jones or David Icke.