On various Goth/Punk/Emo/Alt sites I have spread my message of love and joy.


It's been mostly observations and very weird theories.

You know that JFK was killed by the FBI/CIA...Oh look the CIA just admitted it.

That 9/11 was a psych ops by the CIA...Oh look they just admitted 2 of the hijackers were moles.

That the first twin tower bombing in 1993 was a CIA run...Oh look the feds not only had moles in the terrorist cell, but they actually gave them the material that was used for the bombing.

Waco/Ruby Ridge/Oklahoma City bombing all fed runs.

I've mention that UFOs were real and was laughed at...Till the government admitted they exist.

I've said super rich are mostly pedofiles and do something weird with children or blood...Oh wow turns out I was right and Epstein even had multiple labs doing Immortality Experiments.

I've said that we are being controlled by elites who play both sides and are now trying to kill us with poison vaccines. etc.

Being my track record for calling shit out years, even a decade before it happens shouldn't I get some fucking credit?

What happens if my ideas on the vax are 50% correct?

Or even 25% correct?

Means billions dead, mass migration, economic/fuel/food/energy collapse.

Breakdown of law, explosion of crime and anarchy etc.

Also means mass murders by both sides.

I could see Washington/Oregon and maybe NY putting conservatives against the wall...A civil war...A breakdown of the country into smaller countries.

Sounds crazy huh?

But my track record is solid.

HAARP/Weather modification?  Exists.

Flouride is poison?  Yes, FDA has been burying their own reports and studies.

Federal Reserves have no reserves and all money is nothing?  Yup...Checks out.

Population collapse due to poisoning of fertility among the Westernized countries?  Happening as we speak.

Have you ever thought about: WHAT IF NOODLES IS EVEN HALF RIGHT?

Means as the world is crashing into dispair, death and anarchy I will yell at the top of my voice:

"Fuck you all! I was right!"

Just wait till everyone really turns on the jews for all the misery they've caused...You know since they didn't learn the first 109 times.

Yes 109 times...But somehow they are never at fault...I mean according to the movies they write, direct and produce or the  text books they publish in their companies.

However this time they went too far by poisoning their own people...No other country is as vaccinated as israel.

In the next 2-3 years we will see amazing terrible things, famine, collapse, pestilance, war etc.

Break up of the EU...Rise of BRICS.

Everyone will act shocked...But fucking Noodles will get no credit for calling it since like 2014.

Dat's sum bullchit.