I used to hear that all the time, by some way out crazy sounding people.

The kind that has a podcast with 3 people and they rant about the Illuminati, the jews and the reptilians.

I was all "These guys are crazy or exaggerating!"

No they were not.

As I watch the news, I SEE the straight manipulation of information on multiple subjects, I see censoring of opinions that go counter to what the Elites want, I also see erasing of the past history, because if you erase the past, censor the books, beat the drum of something else then the new generations won't even know they are being fooled or lied to.

They'll never take the time to see how much better we were various times in history.

They'll come to believe all religion, family units, education and traditions have to be scrapped or destroyed because THEY HAVE A BETTER WAY!

No matter how many major cities get destroyed...No matter how many students can't read or write...No matter how many criminals are coming from single mothers or how no one has any actual skills anymore we'll come to believe we're on the right track.

In the past, even those with 6th grade education could do hard math and write beautiful letters, they would be poor and study science by themselves, absorb books etc.

Now with infinite info at our fingerprints we look at nothing.

Both men and women had skills, carpentry, animal husbandry, cooking, sewing, farming, ranching, ability to fix things, medical care etc.

Now everyone expects someone else to do it, because they have no SKILLS.

They are softening us up to pull the rug.

Once the energy, fuel, food sectors are basically grounded to nothing...Then they'll pull it under the guise of some cyber attack on the grid etc.

Within days, most major blue cities will be aflamed with violence, looting and riots.

If there's blacks in the area, we all know how it'll go...Let's keep it real.

But most consumables will be gone quickly with no power, then it's a race to the bottom, followed by an exdous to the rural areas to loot.

THEN the war will begin between the Red and Blue, while the DOD hide in DOZENS of underground caves with full water, food, schools and electrical/sanitatio/air purification plants etc.

Here's Vice TV doing it on just ONE base...But truth is there's many many many more.

There's a party happening, but most of us are not invited.


Of course I used to read that and think that was the ravings of mad men...But I know believe it to be in the works as food in those places is being jammed packed for thousands of people to last for YEARS.

Truckers like to put small cameras and drive through the miles of underground passages and show the giagantic warehouses etc.

I'm far from the US and just watching from here, I see how everything is being set up for a multiple facet collapse of everything needed to survive.

The End Game?

They already told you many many many times:

To knock the population down to 500,000,000...I mean they fucking had it etched into stone for fuck's sake.

The vax, the burning of hundreds of food processing plants, the destruction of small farms, polluting the water tables, the stopping of petro fuel for crops, the forced Green Mandates etc.

No gas power anything, no natrual gas, 15 minute cities, Green Passports, Digital IDs, Crypto Dollar etc.

The supression of males to be men, the feminism of women to hate being feminine, the chemicals and hormones in the food, water that affects fertility etc etc.

This is like a fucking amazing 4 hour movie on the Illuminati/Elites etc.

Sounds crazy...But yet everything that everyone said I was crazy about ends up being true later.

Man this is going to be fucking AMAZING.

And many of you have what's coming...Coming.

Because you didn't prepare, you didn't do anything and now there's no stopping the runaway train.

I'm going to sit by the river and count the bodies floating by.

Best thing is that no one jabbed themselves up more that the Woke...So at least the Progressives have culled themselves off in an AMAZING way.

This ought to be fun.