Not to be confused with "The Gloryhole" an autobiographical show about some of the people on these sites...Who will NOT be named!

Okay okay you twisted my arm thier names are...(Loses train of thought).

Anyways, there's some very cute Korean Girls on the show, BUT I CAN'T REALLY TELL ONE FROM THE OTHER.

Except the short hair busty one, but for the rest?

About 5'2", long straight dark hair, MAYBE 105 lbs, petite does a lot of bowing.

I'm not even making fun of them since they are very pretty, BUT they all fucking look the SAME unless their character was made to look poor and ugly, like the maids.

I mean imagine I was at a Korean brothel and they asked which one would you like?  I'd...Hypothetically of course would say "None!  Paying strippers and whores while drunk is something Noodles DOES NOT DO!................(Pauuuuuuuuuuse)....................Anymore."

I mean if I ever did...In a different world...Parralllel world and probably only if family and friends were kidnapped and threatened.

"Listen here Noodles!  You will do these whiskey shots and beers and get at least 3 lap dances, where they will try to tempt you, with their grinding, but you will say NO!  Or the family gets it!" 

(Evil gang waves pistols at scared family of Amish tied up in Lazi-Boys being made to listen to early 80's Maiden and eat Hungry Man Microwaveable meals)

I'll have to do it for them...As a hero it's my duty...Happy Hour be damned!  

For Queen and Country!