So my girl got a call from a friend and I was on the sofa and happened to listen:

  1. GoldDigger gets with some pot king dealer and uses him for drugs and money
  2. Finally she gets caught or knows it's time to go so she leaves with what she plundered.
  3. Meets some Corky Aspie Guy online who is fucking a bunch of single moms, gets with him although he says "They're not together and will continue fucking other women."
  4. Mysteriously gets pregnant when she was about to start working for the first time in possibly years by the Corky Guy.
  5. He lets her have access to his computer, she gets numbers, then calls the other women, tells them she's pregant and has an STD.
  6. Then seems oblivious that it might cause an issue with the Corky Guy.

I cannot wait for the next chapter to this Mexican Soap Opera!*




*Although all the players are White...No Mexicans were harmed in the making of this White Trash Tragedy unfolding in front of me at a rapid pace.