One way in and out through a small enclosed tunnel leading to the check in gatehouse/office...Where you deal with an unknown person behind darkened bullet proof glass.

You check in and 2 "security guards" with walkie talkies tell them to raise the door to your individual room with it's own enclosed parking garage...Rooms are on the second floor.

Very clean, very nice...Just had a great French Toast Breakfast, coffee, fruit and a Coke delivered for like $7.50.

Room has everything, lol even porn in 3 channels, huge bed, everything is new and the big screen TV has a sound bar.

But I get the weird feeling that this would be where I would hide out, hide my drugs, weapons or girls if I was trafficking them.

Never seen this much security for a simple hotel, especially is a part of town that I would generously describe as an Industrial Area LITERALLY across the street from the freeway entrance.

Glad I stayed, glad I ate...Good coffee also...Watch Netflixed, scanned the internet comfortably, but there is something "Off" about this place.

The kind of place where you can be made to disappear and no one would ever find you if the wrong person wanted too.

One of the few things I miss about the US is my ability to carry my M&P if I wanted.

Yeah my Spidy Senses say something is odd.