As transhumanism explodes and more and more people are attracted to the odd call to become part human and part technology there are actual weird jobs popping up.

I recently met a professor that only dealt with the Ethics of A.I. but this man was completely pro-technology...He did NOT see the issues coming with AI of loss of humanity, loss security, loss of privacy and psychological manipulation by those who have meta information like FB does.

I like tech, but I'm extremely wary of it...Not saying I'm Ted Kaczynski, but not saying he was wrong either...A.I. will be Humanity's downfall.

We're in some sort of imitation Terminator movie where we're making things that will someday come back to destroy us.

Anyways, theres now tech philosophers, tech artists, tech psychologists, tech ethics guys but I think there's a swelling for Tech Religion and when it does there will actually be Tech Priests.

No not like Warhammer:

But where geeks combine with nerds and become super specialists and it becomes a religion on to itself...It's been coming for about a decade and is picking up speed:

I expect many of us in the future will be taking Somas, living in a cyber world because they're pushing us towards

"A dystopia where systematic control of thought and behaviour are conducted through genetic engineering, biological conditioning and predestined genetic stratification."