Was reading and commenting on a Law Enforcement Suicide article on Yahoo. 

Oddly enough I had 2 partners hang themselves and 3 that I knew of shoot themselves who were from our sister pen back in 2019.

That's 5 suicides one degree from me.

All were due to marital/children issues.

My two close partners were some of the nicest people you'd ever meet...Kind of guys that would share their lunch or if they went and got a soda bring you one without asking.

Workers who never bitched and complained...God rest their souls...Good Men who loved their kids.

So I had commented and went to my department's obituary page to double check the year annnnnnnnnnd?


ANOTHER of my parters just died...Funny dude, I even once ate spicy habanero crickets on a dare with him.

He died last month...No reason given...Knew he had got divorced from his porn star wife, but thought he was okay since he was a hound anyways.

Dude was in very good shape and was younger than me (44).

I'm at a loss.

Not even sad, to be honest, just kinda shocked.

I expected maybe some fat unhealthy partners of mine...I literally know about like 40 partners who are over 300lbs and one donut away from a coffin...JUST AT MY OLD PEN...NOT KIDDING.

So I expected them but not him...Damn.

I'll make some calls tomorrow, but yeah this one was a bit of a shock.