Been hitting the gym hard...Feel good and rested...But wondering how long before I catch another bout of Covid.

I should have immunity, but not going to pretend I COULDN'T catch it twice...I have multiple friends who have had it 2-3 times...ALTHOUGH a majority were vaxxed.

But I'm better prepared for it this time ANNNND if I am going to catch it I want to catch it now before the end of January where I'll be travelling twice out of the county.

Last thing I want is to to positive out of country and be told I need to quarantine for 2 weeks.

Be broke and end up here:

Having to become the country's most expensive sex worker for $5 a pop...For da ladies.

So yeah...I kind of need to get sick now, not like 3 weeks from now...In Costa Rica they will NOT allow you to come back to the states if you test positive.

In fact, you have to have an insurance policy for the medical costs and housing costs BEFORE you enter the country.

I find that so weird.

I mean I would rather they discriminated against people with STDs like syphilis or something like that...No offence Brian Omen.

But I have to see a man about a horse down there...So by their rules I'll play: