No yelling or name calling.

Now I got hit with Covid, it fucked me up, it caused me a great loss, but I stand by that I honestly believe that it will make many very sick with Side Effects or in the future cause Serious Medical Issues.

I look at the UK, Singapore, Israel, France, Denamrk, Germany, Italy, Spain, Ireland etc etc and IT'S that every where in the word it's the vaccinated that seem to be the sickest, the most hospitalized and a larger part of the dead in the last 3 months or so.

It's only here in the US where "Supposedly" it's different.


We use the same companies that make the same vaccine batches...Not taking the Chinese or the Russian vaccines which are crap.

Why does no one talk about how D3 cuts infection by up to 60%?

Why does no government agency tell you that obesity was part of 87% of all Covid deaths?

In fact, if you take away diabetics, obese and people with high lood pressure you'd only have like 9% of deaths, usually those with Low Immune Systems like autistics, handicap and cancer patients etc.

Why is the new Pfizer $70 Covid Wonder Pill they are promoting to come out soon doing the same thing as the med they say wouldn't work (Ivermectin) although they have a different chemical make up they both have the same effect on Protease Protein? 

Oh yeah Ivermectin is $68 dollars cheaper. 

So is Covid a scam?  Are conspiracy Theorists Wrong?  Then why does the CDC, FDA and NIH do things never done before for other diseases so oddly...To the point they are obviously manipulating people andlook at you with a staright face and tell you:

"Don't question it!  Take it or you are a bad person!  Take it or you can't eat inside, have a drnk at a bar, travel here or there etc etc!!!"

Do you believe that the vax will end up having unexpected reactions from the vaccinated causing a spike in the dead?


Do you believe that those that wait are idiots and that the vax is as safe as a Mother's Kiss?

I believe many many many people will have delayed reactions...Meaning they will be fine for this variant, but it will make them weaker for the next one.

Instead of preparing and getting their immune system strong, they just wanted the Lazy Man's Way and took an injection trusting 3 agencies that are bought by Big Pharma.