By the way the insert on the "MEDICATION" says that it has a 31% chance of shedding the virus on the skin...MEANING after getting jabbed you can pass it on to your wife and children without even knowing.

Which I'm 100% sure is how I got sick years ago.

Lol!  They're not even hiding it...It's on the Vial Warning Labels!

They HAVE TO TELL YOU because of their "RULES."

That way when you do they have no legal fault nor Karmic Fault because YOU ALLOWED IT TO HAPPEN.

That's how they got all you Vaccine Loving Idiots the first time.

Annnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnd you know that horrible, evil Measles Strain that's so scary?

Has a 99.925% chance of survival.

Don't be a sucker and take that garabge or ALLOW your children to get it.

Double check my facts.

"The U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) package insert for ERVEBO states that the vaccine “shed[s]” onto others 31.7% of the time and for up to 20 days after vaccination.

This means that vaccinated individuals can spread the disease to those around them.

“Vaccine virus RNA has been detected in blood, saliva, urine, and fluid from skin vesicles of vaccinated individuals,” the insert reads. “In Study 6, 31.7% (19/60) of participants 12 months through 17 years of age enrolled in a substudy shed vaccine virus in saliva following vaccination.”

Or don't and then cry about "Why did God take my child???"

All these motherfuckers who took it at that hospital DESERVE to get what they get...What AMAZING IDIOTS!