For a long time Ben Shapiro had been the middle ground of jewish politics.

Usually gave both sides...I used to love listening to him and Jordan Petersen...Then Petersen became weird while crying about how the jews called him "Rabbi."

Then Ben started losing it after the Hamas attack.

He started ranting about how we had to support isreal.

Send: soldiers, money and weapons, how they are our allies, how they aren't to blame for all the dead children.


EVERYONE is starting to wake up to what israel really did, is doing and will try to do.

Sides are flipping.

The the jews know that the Goyium is starting to wake up and ONCE WE KNOW?

Then the clock moves closer to 110TH time.

It's quite amazing watching him go from smart, sophisticated independent to outraged, hypocritical leech.

It's there for everyone to see in all his HYPOCRITICAL GLORY.

People are starting to ask questions, wonder things and once they're awake, we'll know it was them and?

It's going to get bad. 

Hilariously bad, once it becomes obvious they did it to build a canal through Palastanian Land, steal the HUGE oil reserves recently found and to try to dump the pals worldwide while they literally KICK OUT EVERY OTHER RACE AND GROUP...While demanding the OPPOSITE for everyone else.

Blacks, Muslims, Christians etc.

It's hilarious!

We can all see it.