So woke up all relaxed...I had cleaned my house, packed my bags, packed my dogs bags and had my passport ready.

Went to print my ticket for tomorrow and it was dated for OCTOBER 12 of 2024.


Firstly, I know I didn't do that, nor do most airlines allow you to book a flight 15 months ahead of the flight, because I bought it a few months back.

But ever talk to customer service and it's Janice from Texas but sounds like Abu from Calcutta?

So explained it, but honestly lady was just not going to be help, so thanked her and bought a ticket elsewhere and that one I have a year to use, so it wasn't lost.

An extra $435 for some bullshit, but oh well has to be done.

Got up and drank my tea, walked my dog, fed her and ate this ridiculous fruit that I HAVE NEVER SEEN BEFORE!

It's like part pear, part orange and pineapple...Only thing it's not very sweet...It's good just not "WOW!"

I do wonder if making a smoothie with it and adding molasses would be pretty good?

I'll try it next time.

But honestly not bad at all, although I think either sweet oranges, pineapples or pears are better.

Now it's OFF my "Bucket List."