So sometimes I play Dominoes online.

Now Noodles is purty good...Noodles used to play for money once upon a time...Noodles LOVES Dominoes.

Anyways, used to play people from all over the world and even if it's not for money there is plenty of trash talking.

Every now and then Noodles will play someone called something like "Beg4Mercy209" or "YouWillCry666" or "YourDominoMaster243"

And they usually let me know how badly they are going to beat my lilly white ass...I usually beg them not to.

Then I proceed to whip their ass...Then type something like:

"Thank you so much YourDominoMaster243 for letting me win...You're the real winner!"

Followed by a message from them that usually says "Fuck you!"

Then I go on to my next game with a biiiiiiiiig smile.