So yesterday, I took some new Gummies from a new guy...Love my old guy, but lately they seemed weaker or smaller.

So I tried the new ones before my massage and?


It literally was almost a Religious Experience!

It was painful, but so good!

I tipped extra extra well since I believe that was the most amazing massage I've ever had...Not joking.

I literally floated out of her office.

Since I had fasted 24 hours, I then stopped off at my little cafe and it was soooooo ridiculously good!

Followed by coming home to stretch and make some Tamarind Margaritas...It might have been the most relaxing day I can remember in DECADES.

Like I've had great times, but everything was so delicious, so nice and the music was amazing!

Big Ups to the New Guy!

Like I said before, I don't like the taste or smell of pot, but these tasted like Cherry Gumdrops and they were AMAZING!

I'm still in shock.