I mean listen to the names:

Anti-Defemation League fighting for equality.

American Civil Liberties Union fighting for our rights.

Souther Poverty Law Center, I mean they're in the SOUTH HELPING THE POOR!

Sounds all good like Antitifa...I mean who isn't against fascists right?

NAH all these **** were doing the opposite AND NOW EVERYONE IS STARTING TO SEE IT.

Hence why those dumb obvious Feds and Nazis are in Flordia at Disney etc.

To scare people into believing that these jews are the "Victims" saving us from those evil face tatted Nazis!

Nope...Everyone can see how they really are.

Am I saying I can read their minds or hearts?


Nothing is how you been told it is...History is basically a lump of lies.

But even the most Liberal among you has to start catching on that in these last 2 1/2 years Crime, Inflation, Drug Use, Illegals, Filth, Degredation of a normal family, education, law and order has been dragged under.

Whomever is in control is trying to maipulate everything...From silence in Hawaii about the children, to the Green Deal which will bring poverty, hunger and cold deaths, to this new push to scare you with a "New" Covid variant.

So you better go get a new booster.

It's all manipulation...And the three organizations I mentioned are at the tip of the pyramid among with others.

It's about to be the 110th time in history that these fucks get found out to be garabge and pushed out AGAIN.

Imagine being kicked out EVERYWHERE you go and somehow in 109 times it was somehow never their fault.

Oh it was jealousy and envy and to steal their lands Noodles!  The text books and history books they tended to write, edit or publish say so!

Yes, in part, but the reason they kept getting pushed is because they kept fucking with everyone's beliefs, cultures and traditions UNLESS IT WAS THEIRS.

Funny how that works huh?

If Elon releases more of the texts, emails etc...I expect more people to realize that I might be mean, slightly crazy, but I'm not wrong.