I wrote about an experiment called Calhoun's "Utopia"

In which, mice or rats would be given EVERYTHING.

Shelter, food, safety etc.

Within a few generations the males would become feminine or transexxual...The females would either become all about primping and looking good but having no rat litters or become angry masculine.

The colonies would all collapse by day 1588 or so:

Phase D – Death phase – Population collapses. “No young surviving.” No longer any conception. Non-reproducing females resort to eating, grooming and sleeping. No interest in socialization. No social skills learned by remaining survivors. No ability to be aggressive, which means no ability to defend their young or their nests. Avoidance of all stressful activities, including anything resembling competition. Preoccupation with grooming and physical attractiveness. Inability to navigate challenges of the real world. Only the outer appearance of being superior, but lacking cognitive and social skills. Totally unable to reproduce, raise young or compete for anything."

We're almost at that point...In the next 2-3 years I see huge population collapse followed by a giant migration ending in huge chaos, war, famine and pestilence.

Dis shit about to get interesting!