I'll be asked why I'm leaving the country, for a country embroiled in drugs, violence and unstability.

Annnnnnnnnnnd 100% Mexico has all that...Unstable economy, government, crime, murder etc.

BUUUUUUT it also has tradition, order, more nature, respect for education, gender, society and religion.

I'm literally trading this around me:

For this:

Where people don't throw syringes, used condoms and trash like disgusting pigs:

That and because not every fucking 1000 feet they have something like this:

Where this is normal in the state I'm going to:

Versus this where the parks, rivers, streams and camping grounds near me look like this instead:

When I mention some of the things that bother me about Cali they get quiet and quietly say they wish they could leave too.

But almost all my partners are afraid to make a move...They sit and wait and wait and wait.

"The money is too good."-They'll whisper.

They send their kids to schools where to fail a student the student must get UNDER 19% on a test.

Imagine getting a 20% on a test and passing...Surely nothing can go wrong with that right?

Surely we are preparing our kids for the future right?

I love my country, but I don't recognize it anymore...So for a quick minute going to look elsewhere, if I don't like it then back to the US I go...Texas, Louisiana, Florida or Tennessee probabaly.

I'll just VRBO the place in Merida...But either way I need a rest from the US...Till major changes come which to be honest I dn't see coming for most of the country.

We are seeing not just split among Americans, but among the world and at this time, even harsh dictators like Putin seem to be better to their people than the ones in control over here.

In the end, it's the enemy of my enemy that is my friend in the long run.