This isn't about the spiritual reasons you get targeted, so much as the material reasons. And I'm not talking about this in a "targeted individual" sense because I don't think I'm particularly special in that sense. I think most people are targeted in life, so I see no point in identifying as part of a super special minority or something. Mainly I want to talk about how I approach friendships/acquaintanceships now after a lifetime full of targeting.

The key is to remain objective with people and I think I have finally managed to master this ability.  After a lifetime of bullying rejection all through my school years, I realized that people do not actually like me.  And that's perfectly fine. They are allowed to their perceptions of me, but what it made me realize was that when someone does approach me for friendship, I can always be 100% certan they simply want something from me, not that they genuinely like me. You might think this is sad, or perhaps you assume I'm a horrible person and I deserve it.  Or maybe you think I'm delusional and misjudging people and not giving them enough of the benefit of the doubt.


I'm used to people saying that to me, so I don't really care.  I've learned to live alone and I'm better off for it. Because any time anyone approaches me for anything, whether it be online or in real life, I automatically intuit that they are trying to manipulate and vampirize me.  Maybe they just view me as an easy target.


How does assuming someone wants to use you for anything actually help you?  Well, let me give you some examples.


Example 1: A few months ago I made a series of posts on instagram about how I don't believe in manifestation anymore.  In fact, any time I have tried to manifest something, the Universe seems to have gone out of its way to actively sabotage my plans to the point that there is no way I can ever achieve that goal no matter what course of action I try to take.  This hasn't just happened once. It has happened many times.  But anyway, the point I'm getting at is that when I made these melancholoy posts, I was immediately targeted by someone on my friends list.

The guy was a martial arts teacher in my town that I had known in real life. I had planned to take classes at his school, but ultimately I didn't have the money. I had him added on social media to keep up with him in case I wanted to sign up in the future. I basically had almost no interaction with this person online except for sharing a few memes occasionally and liking each others posts about conspiracies. Bascally, I had no intimate connection with this person. Plus he was married so it was never my intention to speak to him on any kind of intimate level, romantic or friendship wise.  He was simply an acquaintance.

As soon as I made the posts about my disappointment regarding manifestation, he messaged me saying he had to talk to me about something "super important". This was just before Christmas. I could immediately tell it was a demoralization campaign enacted by the Simulation.  My theory is that the Realm works through people, even people close to you, to demoralize you and try to drive you to suicide. So I immediately had a feeling he wanted something from me and that he was going to attempt to try to use my vulnerability against me in some way.  After all, a lifetime of experience with people has taught me that no one actually ever likes me. Most of them want SOMETHING, whether it be sex, my resources, a living situation, etc.

So I met him at the martial arts school, to which I was subjected to a half hour long speech about how this man wanted to be my "mentor" (keep in mind he was younger than me lol), train me to be a teacher at his school and hire me as an office assistant.  Immediately I was skeptical. People don't just offer me jobs. He must get something out of it. What does he get out of hiring and "mentoring" me?  So we shook hands, all the while me having a sneaking suspiscion he was up to something or that the Simulation was working through him somehow.

I decided to remain objective, not invest any of my emotions into it and wait and see wha the does. He asked me for my email address and said that he would email me about the job, so I gave it to him and I never heard a peep from him. I came down with a cold and wasn't well for a few weeks so I let him know what was up.  I then attempted to go back to his classes to find that the classes had been canceled without him telling me.  When I texted him, he wouldn't respond in a timely manner. When he finally would get back to me he claimed he was out of town. So I gave it a few more weeks and tried texting him about the job again, to which he responded that he had assumed I "didn't want the job" because he hadn't heard from me and that he had given the job to someone else.  Remember, this man had specifically asked me for my contact info so that HE could contact me about the job.


What do you do in a situation like this? Do you respond? Do you curse the person out for promising you something and not following through?  When I think about it, its totally bizarre that this person sat there and gave me that big long speech about how he wanted to "help" me out, and in the end he acted like I didn't matter, my time didn't matter, my effort didn't matter, my desire to follow through on what we had planned, the thing HE suggested, didn't matter to him.  And the thing is, yes I was upset, but not as much as I would have been if I hadn't recognized from the beginning what he was trying to do to me. I immediately knew it was some kind of ruse, for what reason I can't really say, but because of that I was able to act rationally in the moment instead of responding with emotion. I immediately blocked him from all social media and I never intend to have contact with him ever again.


People who treat you like you are disposable and worthless do not deserve a second longer of your time.  Act like they do not exist, because that's how they thought of you. You don't exist unless you have something to give them. Because I didn't get emotionally invested in the situation and expect an actual mutually beneficial outcome, that probably prompted him to withdraw his energy and move on. I wasn't the right target. He probably sensed I wouldn't just bend over backward for him, so he moved on to another mark.  It was easy for him to discard me because he was simply casting a wide net from the beginning.  He has probably done this to many other people. Well, it turns out when I discussed the situation with someone at my work, this man was in some kind of a guru LSD cult in California before he moved here.  So ultimately I dodged a bullet. The situation was disappointing, but imagine if I had tried to invest my energy into it how much more disappointed I would have been to find out he was trying to make me complicit in his weird group?


What I'm getting at is, nothing good comes for free. But everything good comes from sticking to your guns.


Example 2: Last year I created an account on this website. Many people added me without me ever having made a single update or reaching out to any of them. They simply saw my picture, thought I was cute or at least decent enough to fuck without vomiting, and added me. To this day I have only added a couple of people on this site and 95% of them have added me, even on the new account.  I make it a policy to accept all requests as long as the person doesn't look underage or act creepy. As soon as they seem off I simply block them because I make it a point to not be emotionally invested in them. I may have meaningful conversations with them, but I'm always keeping in the back of my mind that these people could turn on me any second, and some of them have.

For instance, there was a guy on here that I was talking to in the first few weeks of creating my first account on here. We discussed the Simulation and demiurge concepts and seemed to connect.  The thing is, he wasn't connecting with me on my end. He was simply gathering intel on me, for what purpose I do not know. Perhaps he meant to share information about me, or perhaps he just wanted to use and manipulate me for his own personal gain. Or maybe he just wanted to use the information to control me in some way. But in the end when I disagreed with him about something, his true colors came out, which is that he had been pretending to empathize with my situation for many months and he finally revealed that he had no empathy for me at all. Not exactly surprisng. Again, I expect this from all people. But instead of getting upset about it, now I just sit back and laugh and say "yep, knew that would happen". It makes me happy to know that my intuition about why someone is reaching out to me, is correct.

And Ive had this happen several times over the years. I've had men both in real life and online (some women too, but primarily men), pretend to empathize with me for months, pretend to care about what was going on in my life, and then when I wasn't giving them what they wanted, or giving them what they wanted at the speed they wanted, or when I made my skepticism known, their fangs immediately came out and they revealed themselves for the vipers they were.

There are actually many videos about me on youtube by several people outright provably lying about me, not to make me feel bad, but simply to provoke a reaction out of me in hopes I'll give them negative attention. My response is always silence because people who have an attachment disorder don't know how to get your attention in positive healthy ways. Any attention is better than no attention in their minds.  So while I could go around making response videos to these people, presenting all the evidence in my favor and giving super detailed sound rebuttals to everything they say about me, firstly I don't want that kind of drama in my life, and secondly it would be exactly what they want from me, which is my energy, my recognizing they exist, my caring about their opinions.

Example 3: I've had men pretend to agree with all my political opinions.  Back when I was a Marxist Feminist shortly after graduating from university, I was the speaker of an event where I described cult indoctrination tactics and how cult leaders go about targeting their victims, what they look for, and what they do to brainwash you, as well as what kind of personalities these psychopaths typically display.  The ironic part was that the 21 year old boy who asked me to be a speaker that day was trying to use me for sex. He spent months pretending to be my friend online, then when we met and hung out a few times he pretended to agree with all my opinons. When I made it known I wasn't interested in anything sexual (because he was 8 years younger than me), he told me I can't be alone forever. I responded, "watch me".

You see, these people believe they know something about you, that you have the same kind of desperation within you that they possess within themselves. And when you challenge them on that presumption, they will reveal themselves, how petty they are. As soon as I challenged him and didn't give in to his attempts to seduce me, he began posting all his MRA red pill crap online, finally revealing the man beind the curtain, that I was just a conquest and that he had no respect for women at all, because I wasn't allowed to say no him.

Whats really sad about these men is that they seem to believe they are only loveable because you are as desperate as they are. In other words, they assume you only want to be with them because you can't find anyone else, when actually the reverse is true.  I actually liked these peoples personalities, but only because I didn't realize they were mirroring back to me what they saw in me and assumed I would like. Once they revealed it was all fake, they did become unloveable. If they had just told me who they were from the beginning I may have accepted them as they were.  They seem to think that I will only like someone if they agree with me, but that's a total projection.  I may have liked them if they were simply honest with me about who they were, but because they didn't have a real personality they set themselves up for failure by pretending instead of cultivating something authentic.

Why would I like a guy just because he pretends to be a feminist? That's not the kind of guy I want to date. I don't want to be romantic or friends with soemone just because they agree with me. I enjoy lively discussion and there are many people on my friends list who have many varying points of view that I don't necesssarily agree with but I enjoy discussing.  The entire reason I majored in anthropology was because I wanted to learn about other people's points of view and cultural differences.  Whats also ironic is I'm not even a Marxist Feminist anymore. I just recognize bullshit (in all people) when I see it. And the fact is, many men, if not most, will pretend to be something they are not, simply to get laid or simply for female approval.

They even have a term for it, "simp".  The very peope who hate me for being a feminist, coined the term "simp" to describe a man who will basically denigrate himself for female attention, even if she doesn't give a shit about him, and these same men will ironically get mad at me when I point out they are exhibiting the very behaviors they describe about other men.  They think they are somehow the exception to this definition, even though they are faking their personalities to get me to like them.  Very strange, but again I try to view these things from an objective lense, which is that most people don't seem very self-aware and are simply functioning as walk-ins or organic portals for archontic energies.


Ultimately, the goal is to demoralize and to destroy your soul, but this is done on a material basis. If you are a woman you will be targeted for your body.  If you are a man you will be targeted for the money you make, etc.  The key is to recognize when you are being targeted, which I have managed to do with great success recently, and to act according, which is to say without emotional investment and to cut the person off immediately as soon as they start acting up.  Anyone who is truly your friend won't be judging you behind your back the entire time you are friends. Why associate with someone you don't even like? Isn't that a waste of your own time? Anyone who truly cares about you won't discard you as soon as you set a boundary.  Anyone who wants you to stay around simply because they think you are wonderful, will practice mutual reciprocity, even if its not in the form of money.


Ultimately, what I'm trying to say is that you need to learn to detach from a desired outcome. It's the only way to maintain peace of mind in this realm.