So I was recently locked up on a mental ward for like 12 days.. and I was a horny monster locked up… there was this nurse that went by the name Amanda… which omg I do not know how I controlled myself. She looked so perfect each and every damn mother fucking day and I would just get weak in the knees seeing her… I legit felt like I had a dick and just wanted to get her preggers in the quiet room so damn badly. Like if you felt what went on between my legs when I seen her I bet you wouldn’t be able to control you feelings what so ever. Like I wanted to bring this woman home with me and simply have my way with her and lock her away in my closet. She was one of thee hottest women ive ever seen in my life. She came into office one day and she was my discharge nurse I took off my mask and told her this is really not fair because of how much I like you and I swear I could of dived in for a kiss like I legit felt I could of kissed her right then and there. So badly. I almost choked the fuck outta her when she said shit about my soul how I was signing it away on this paper.. but I knew she was jokin, or was she? Haha it was crazy.. but she had the most perfect looking fucking ass and her jeans were just so damn right. Like beyond me.


Anyways this one nurse after I just got done masterblasting or whatever asked me to sign papers so she had my dry cummies on the pen.. she was kinda hot too but not as hot as amanda.. what so ever.


Idk why I just like people that are mentally ill or in the health field.. its honestly really bothersome.. because its all what I attract..


Im just lucky im back out of this place.. because I did wake up in a broom closet at this hospital one time and I had to scream for my life..i wanted a rape kit done and they denied me…. Which really sucked cause wtf had happened back in that room??!!??!