So Yucatecos are actually Mayans.

They all try to pretend to be Mestizos, but nah.  

Sure 28 million died during the Spanish Conquest due to war, famine, disease etc, but there's still a bunch of them around.

I can now see why they lost to a very small group of Spanish Mercs.

Sure the Spanish had armor, muskets, war dogs and horses, but the terrain here is harsh, there was no charging into open battle, the heat unbearable during the summer, so many of those advantages don't mean as much such as armor and metal helmets...Muskets are slow to reload and Mayans had weapons too.

They lost because they are like a Family of Irish, blacks or Puerto Ricans...They fight amongst each other, everyone knows each other's business, everyone gossips against each other and a lot of the time in order to rise above the other they slow fucked help during battles if their competition was fighting the Spanish.

Basically EVERYONE backstabbed each other.

They literally cannot go more than a week without fighting or screaming at each other.

Then there's silence, then they get over it and next week they do it all over again.

It's like living with a bunch of 13 year old girls, who are on on their period, who like the same boy in PE class while fighting about tampons.

With Applicators!