I was taught in school to HATE the Europeans...ESPECIALLY the French and Spanish for all the things they did to my people in Mexico.

They tried to tell me being Mestizo was a bad thing...(Native with European blood).

But after looking into how most Northern Mexican Natives were, how CRUEL and EVIL the Aztecs were and how annoying the Mayans can be I long decided to say:

"Fuck all that."

I'm glad my European forefathers came, it was not easy, people suffered. but as a whole, Mexico which is my new country advanced and improved due to it.

The Cultural Clash was terrible in many places, but for you all that think it be all sweet if the Europeans never invaded. I think you all have been taught some Fairy Tale about how you would all be loved and respect among the tribes, or how it was all going to be Organic Cotton Tampon time and everyone was going to have cool ass names like "Raindrop" or "Moonlight" and "Dances with Chihuahuas."

It would be bloody battles, looting, raping and pillaging among the tribes...WORSE than what the Europeans did.

Natives were CRAZY cruel to their own and with warring tribes.

So because of that...I'll side with the Paella Side of me and say?