1. That technology would make us stupid and lazy and easier to control.
  2. That sex would become meaningless as religion, manners and self control were looked down on...Although not going to pretend that I haven't dabbled in it myself with women I shouldn't have.
  3. That Whites would become a Race of Opiate Heads due to genetically liking opiates more than other races.
  4. That the education system would collapse into INSANITY.
  5. That gays wouldn't stop at just being accepted that they would DEMAND that you PRAISE them for sucking dick and think taking it in the ass is somehow courageous.
  6. That the US government was involved in the many mnay many assasinations MLK, JFK, RFK, Malcom X etc...And started multiple wars on pure lies 9/11, weapons of mass destruction, Drug dealing etc.
  7. That they are trying to poison our air, food, water, meds, weather etc...NEVER thought they'd get so many fooled with that Fauci Crap though...Bunch of you will die pretending the Vax wasn't what killed you, your child or your partner or friends.
  8. That a currency, fuel, energy, food collapse is coming.
  9. That we are ruled by either Evil people who are controlled by SOMETHING else, be it aliens or just evil incarnate.
  10. That the Earth appears to be flat.
  11. That the dem/libs/sjws would flood our country with garbage that will bankrupt us all and collapse schools and social services NATIONWIDE.
  12. That everything appears to be some sort of test and that we appear to exist due to thought holding the physical together BY WILL.
  13. That there will be some sort of Civil Race War in the future.
  14. That almost all minorities in teh US except the Asians will become roving looters, rapists and murderers when the collapse comes.
  15. That this was all fermented and pushed through funding, lobbying and codification by the middle men...Jews who are the Capos and the catalyst for every single thing that is causing the collapse.  DEI, Open Borders, Gun Confiscation, Forced Vaccinations, Lower education standards, Green Deal etc.

I think I'm about 10 out of 15 so far with a few yet waiting for everyone to admit it...Remember I made these predictions WHEN TIMES WERE GOOD.

It's easy to predict bad things when things are bad...But imagine me telling you that gas would be $9 in Cali when it was like $2.30 and you laughing and laughing?

Then 2 years later it was for a minute in LA and SF.