Ahhhh man now you Anti-Vaxxers got it coming!  This shit is going to hit you stupid conspiracy theorists HARD!


(Someone whispers in my ear)

What?  Its only happening in areas where people were FORCED to be vaccinated? and is predominately among the vaxxed?

Not in poor countries with no vaccinations and terrible clean water areas?

That can't be!  It's a beautifully sAfe AnD eFfEcTiVe CuRe!

What?  It was specifically predicted by Pfizer as a PROBABLE side effect among children?  That would then spread to adults as a combination of viruses that their body could not fight being it will only fight Covid?

That can't be!  Everyone knows PHARMACEUDICALS maybe the MOST FINED COMPANIES IN THE WORLD...But they changed their ways ever since that greek jew who is technically a VETENARIAN took over as CEO.


It must be a mistake Moderna, Johnson & Johnson and Pfizer are our friends!

They would never cause massive worldwide outbreaks due to their greed!

Hence why they had to pay journalists, scientists, news media and even multiple government agencies to censor any questions about their honesty...Because they are that honest.

They only added those Contract Waviers because they HAD TO!




I'm just saying!