"Was talking to my girl who totally exists...I swear!

And no she's not made out of rubber!  That's digusting!

(In a soft murmur):  It's more of a soft latex actually."


Anyways ww were talking about something that made me flash back to like 1983, when I was a wee Lil Noodles and we wore Mr. T T-Shirts...Real MIsft T-shirts not replicas or if you wanted to pretend to be super cool Sonic Youth or the classic Ramones T-Shirt, then run our asses home with our BattleStar Galactica or Star Wars Lunch Box and get home...Although thinking back I probably stopped using my lunch box after 3rd grade.

Cus that's for babies! And I was a Big Boy.

Because from like 3 to 5 pm in San Diego, they had cool ass kid's shows and awesome cult classic movies on.

It be Godzilla Movies, really cheesy alien movies from the 50's, the original Werewolf/Dracula/Francenstein movies etc.

It was like living in the Wonder Years with a heavy dash of nostalgia from Steven Spielberg. 

Then afterwards we'd play football or ride our bikes in groups of like 10-20 kids and we never started fights, committed crimes or vandalized.

That shit didn't even occur to us and I pretty much lived in poor areas.

It was ridiculously beautiful, zany and just a CLASSIC childhood time from basically any 80's movie or show...Terrible fashion, amazing music and the begining of technology that we assumed would only improve our lives!

Now I feel bad for most kids who are unhealthy, unhappy, stressed, bullied, fucked up mentally ready to explode.

Racism, homophobia and xenophobia were more open in the 80's, but I have to tell you that it was a much happier, healthier, safer, nicer time than now with all our Progressive Ideas becoming stupid morality laws.

I seriously miss those times and I wish some of you had known it before the 90's started getting all druggie depressing.

This Brad Pitt Pic was the look to shoot for if you wanted to get the girls at school...Yes it was a terrible time for fashion and haircuts.