When I got back to Yucatan after staying like 20 days in the states my back was FUCKED.

Long flights, small seats and my girl's too soft mattress...I hate soft mattresses.

So I got back and just did my thang, if I didn't say anything you wouldn't know since I move just fine...But minute I try to bend I suddenly become 174 years old.

There's a specialist doctor I see sometimes who fixes that, but I was being stupid and thinking it would just pop back in place, but then I reminded myself that I was just making it worse by not getting it fixed.

So I went yesterday, doctor jammed his thumbs in every vertebra and pushed each individual one back to where it should be, then he manipulated what I assume is my sciatica nerve to go where it should be and I slept like an innocent baby...Woke up this morning feeling great!

So please don't be like me and prolong getting shit fixed, be it teeth, backache, some sort of injury, eyeglasses etc.

The more you wait the more miserable you'll be, the less you'll accomplish and the more expensive it'll be later to fix.

Even if you don't have money go get treatment and pay in installments...Things tend to fester not suddenly get better and now you doubled your problem.