When I was younger I remember being  told none of this stuff matter. This cliquey childish B.S. doesn't matter. When I first went to communicy college, it felt true. My peers had the same goal and treated me like I also wanted to succeed. So we have this group assignment in lou of an exam, tell me why I got the link to the google doc YESTERDAY. its due in two days. When I clicked on the link it looked damn near done. Their goal date was to turn it in yesterday according to the google doc. So why TF am I just now getting this? So Apparently i'm gonna be pulling an all nighter. You wanna know another screwed up part? Of the four of us only two names are on it so the both of you bitches knew! SMH I'm not about to take an extra semester because of this shit, I'm graduating this semester no matter what. I can't say what I want to say so I have no choice but to remain respectful. That was shady as fuck.