So since I'm in Mexico I get all the weird Internaional shows some of you don't get in the US.

For awhile I was watching all these series and then got bored EXCEPT with "Woman of the Dead"


The first husband motorcycle scene is SOLID.

Plus the actress is errrrrm...Thiccy.  =)

But all the other ones were about some murder in a small village or what they consider a big city, 2-3 deaths maybe for an entire season.

The detectives did NOTHING else, but that one case forever etc.

They even had one called "Gangs of Oslo" and not saying there's not psychos, drugs, violence or gangs,  but Oslo in 2020 had TWO murders in a city of 711,000 residents. 

Nigga Please.


In a fucking year???

Je-sus!  An average of 24 people get killed in TJ per DAY.

In the US, do I really have to pop up how many shootings and murders we have in Chicago, NYC, LA, Philly, Boston, Houston, NOLA, BAltimore, East St. Louis, St. Louis etc etc etc?

Ever watch "First 48?"

Detectives literally have 2 days to solve a murder IN REAL LIFE or else they have to move on...No joke.

In fact, the Feds tallied up the Clearance Rate and we're looking at MAYBE 54%.

You can commit murder and odds are if no one snitches...You have a good chance of walking.

I was in a trial a few years back and if I hadn't been in the jury they were going to let him walk.

Although truth be told, the guy he shot was dirty as fuck too.

Anyways, hard to take Crime Shows seriously in Europe EXCEPT the UK and French ones, but even they allow criminals to get away with all kinds of things that an American Cop would NOT allow.

But whateva.