BREAKING: Trudeau says we need to build resilient communities and learn from climate change 'near misses' and as weather gets more extreme, insurance will be more difficult to obtain.

He says "It's quicker to LOCK THINGS DOWN then to build back better" and his govt has committed to a multi billion dollar mass transit and infrastructure program.

Smart 15 Minute Cities will start in Canada, NZ, Australia, under the guise of "HELPING."

Mind you he gave $8 billion to Ukraine instead of buying (20) water dousing planes that was very needed.

Europe and the US will riot before we give in...But they are trying to stop elections, make you people slaves and trapped in your homes, dependent on the government.

Once Biden pulls the Trigger on trying to Lockdown for ANY reason.

Fake Covid Scare or due to "cLiMaTe ChAnGe" the mask comes off and people will start to get censored, locked up, fined and they are even talking about "Re-Education."

Sound familiar?

Welcome to Bolshevikism 2.0