Soooooooooooooooooo over a year ago I had bought some very high end THC Seeds so I could make my own gummies.

I'm a prepper and I'm always trying to be self sufficient...Grow my own stuff: tlapia, spices, fruit, veggies etc.

So had seen a video on how copper wiring helps keep pests away and somehow pulls energy to help the plants grow...Which sounded kooky.

But I love kooky stuff.

So I took 3 of my last few seeds and planted it and stuck copper wiring in the cup, I had started them off in.

Lo and behold, the plants are growing very well, not like the other 9 that all died.

So not saying it will work, because until it's a strong bush, it could literally die overnight...But I do see huge difference.

In fact, one of the seedlings moved towards the wire...It was about 1/2 an inch high, by the next day it had stretched to about 1 1/2 inches and was trying to reach the copper wire.

If the plant blossoms I'll cure some with alcohol for muscle aches, make some in tea, make some into gummies, or mix it with oregano to use in soups or with dried spices.

"What do some of these so-called high end pot plants look like Noodles?  I bet it's some garbage."

Nope...Supposedly, according to the company that has a very good reputation they'll look like the pic.

(Crosses fingers)

For the record, I still dislike the taste or smell of it...But in gummy form it's amazing and my shoulder and back feel so much better without taking any meds that are bad for your liver.