So ran my dog in her garden and as she was peeing I looked up since I have like 12'-15' walls around me.

I thought I saw a cat and NOPE it was a 5-7lbs iguana, then ANOTHER both about 18" long...Then the Mama came out she was thicc and about 24" long and about 12 lbs.

THEN THE PAPA CAME OUT...That fucker was about 30" long and a SOLID 20 lbs...Bigger than my dog...Long ass Dinosaur tail...They looked at me and scuttered into the neighbor's roof.

I looked at my dog Lola and said "We need to get the fuck back inside!"

This is what the Papa looked like:

NoNoNoNoNo...That's a Fred Flinstone Era Dinosaur!

BUT there's no tarantulas, snakes, scorpians or rodents so ehhhh fair trade off.