As things get progressively worse.

Inflation, crime, anarchy, violence, hunger, pestilence...ESPECIALLY pestilence.

I do wonder where all the morons who hated Trump and wanted Biden to win are?

I also wonder where all the Super Duper Pro Vaccination People are?

Where da fuck they at?

I mean before you couldn't throw an apple without hitting 3 Fauci/NIH/CDC/FDA/Moderna/Pfizer Lovers.

I mean now that we're starting to actually know the results of the Pharmaceudical Studies by Moderna and Pfizer etc.

Or the actual illness and death rates.

I wonder how glad they really are that Biden is in?

Or that they got 2-3 vaccinations?

I know 3 people on their 3rd who are fine, but that's it...The others are now refusing.

I wonder if they realize that a bunch of what they thought was right was MIGHT BE wrong yet?

I wonder if they know how much we all are on a Knive's Edge from a food/bank or fuel run?

Could we end up like Egypt, Peru, Colombia, Venezuela, Cuba, Hati, Bangladaesh, Sudan, Somalia, Ethipoia etc etc rioting for bread and gasoline as the currency collapses?

You know like that bastion of Equality and Goodness...South Africa:

Thank God they kill the white farmers and take their land...You know to farm and stuff from those evil white people.

Bet it's going really well.

What it's NOT???

Shocking I say.

Many White Farmers are just burning their farms down rather than have it taken by either the government or thieves.

Got so bad that the government is begging the farmers to stay with promises of protection from?

The government stealing the land or crops later.

By the way, quite a few are on their way to Russia...Putin is happily accepting them all and draining South Africa of stability.