Now I'm a Libertarian...I don't care if you cut your boobs, penis, testicles whatever and dress in a dress etc.

Not my body and none of my business...HOWEVER, I don't want to know about it, hear about or think it should be taught or pushed ESPECIALLY at a young age when kids are suceptible to making terrible lifelong mistakes.

I don't think biological men should compete against women in sports...Completely unfair:

But if you are an adult and want to live like a trans person?  Knock yourself out...Who am I to tell you how to live as long as you are not hurting someone?

What I do know of the lifestyle from PERSONAL EXPERIENCE working with quite few was:

1.  Usually crazy miserable people.

2.  Many want nothing to do anything with them due to the crazy mood swings.

3.  The hormones make people crazy, suicidal AND violent.

4.  The odds on suicide, drug use, arrests, HIV and others STDs is INSANE in that lifestyle...Don't believe me that's coming from multiple Pro-Trans Sites and organizations.

But what NOBODY ever hears about in the general media is the Health Aspect of the Hormones on younger kids/teens and young adults.

Now from what I read it usually affects M2W.

What nobody has ever really stressed:


Now some people have cancers and need those hormone blockers and skew the numbers, but even the FDA knows that thousands of trans health illnessess and deaths are due to the blockers.

They affect your endocrine system and fuck with your absorbtion of necessary mineral and viatmin intake.

Basically you fuck with your absorbtion rate and it fucks a bunch of other things.

You have 30-35 year old trans people with the bones of an 80 year old...You have quite a few suceptible to leukemias, cancers or not having the immune system to fight off diseases...Add to it the substance abuse, stress, alcohol, emotional trauma, poverty etc and it's all bad.

This Woke Progress made on their behalf is actually killing way more of them.

It's made it a casual thing, to change, parents are no longer allowed to decline based on court cases, meds and procedures at age 5 are becoming common, professionals are willing to do surguries on children BEFORE EVEN HITTING PUBERTY.


IF I wanted to destroy ANY community...Allow them to do whatever they want without any pushback.

That's what's happened to the Black Community, The Gay Community and now?

The Trans Community.

In about 5-10 years many of those who got the Hormone Blockers will have drastic medical issues and all those pushing for it will pretend that they were helping.

Who is the main FINANCIAL funders and Social Media Propenents of this bullshit?

Hint: They wear Yamakaas...The Top 50 pro Trans Organizations all have this weird trait...50 out of fucking 50?

Must be coincidence.

As I watch actual videos of "Progressive" people on Libs of Tik Tok it's scary to see to what lengths people will go to prove how "WOKE!" they are.

Go take a peek...These people are not mentally okay.