Got to TJ which I say pound for pound has some of the best food in the WORLD.

Mexican, Italian, Chinese, Japanese etc.

So I'm tired, shower up, go to the hotel resturant order 2 shots of chilled whiskey and a Dos XX.

BAM!  It's there, with extra ice and a carbonated water just in case.

I then order a burger with avocado, sauteed mushrooms, extra mayo and 4 slice of cheese.

Waiter doesn't even blink...I get this burger and OMG.

They put what seemed to be an entire avocado in it, the mushrooms were on point and the cheese was so damn good.

It was so good I almost ate it while pinching my nipples...Don't judge me!

By then the buzz had kicked in which was perfect.

Service was non-stop as both the waiter and the busboy checked on me various times.

Can't get service like that in the US usually.

And seriously the burger was on point...The meat tasted meaty...Like beef.

Sometimes you'll eat a burger and it won't have that meat taste, this one tasted fresh.

I need to stop before I start pinching my nipples again.

Yes I do like Cheeseburgers a lot...How did you guess?