So the big issue with vaccinations in the POC community is that usually most blacks in the US REFUSE to take the vaccine.

They fear some trick or bullshit to happen like what happened in Tuskegee, where the government told all these black guys with syphilis, that they were there to be cured, but it was just to give some treatment and others a placebo and watch log the results.

Well many got very sick or died due to syphilis that should have been cured...Some fucked up shit:

That and the WHO and UN have often given some "Experimental Vaccines" that have ended up killing people with bad batches in the Hep A or Denague Fever Vaccine etc.

So to make it up all the progressives are pushing hard to prove to the black community that this time it'll be different...In fact, in several cities blacks are first up for Covid meds such as the Merck Covid pill.

"All you crackers to the back of the Covid Med Bus!"

What if I told you those type of pills that were brought out with all kinds of fanfare might not be used since it looks like it causes a really bad reaction with other medications and CAUSE MUTATIONS?

So imagine, you're not too trusting due to the past, I then convince you that THIS TIME it'll be different, then I give you medication that ends up fucking you up...BUT NOT SO MUCH WHITES BECAUSE THEY CAN ONLY GET SLOPPY SECONDS PER FDA?

Would you believe it was an accident...AGAIN?

This is going to be wild.