We are about to hit the economic wall HARD.

A sudden soft collapse of items in an already materialistic world...There will be no crash or crazy chaos...Just day by day, week by week, month by month, year by year things will just get shittier...Like this:

Prices will go up on fuel/electricity in 15 days, food will spike, all cost of living will go up from basic items and clothing to necessary medical ones.

The older ones like me will ride with it as we have no dependents or large expenses...The middle ones will feel the squeeze and the young ones will turn nihilistic till they understand THIS:

At that point, I figure 2025 or so there will be a beautiful explosion of technology, art, music, literature.

Friends will be friends again, people's word will mean something.

Because when we all have nothing then we all appreciate SMALL THINGS.

When materialism and greed is pushed down then we can enjoy the moment and stop doing this bullshit for EVERYTHING.

It will be terrible for some, but for others like me I hope to sit at my table, with my fat dog at my feet, drinking great strong wine with a friend while playing chess and listening to the radio.

That sounds fucking beautiful:

Speaking of that...I'm going to get me a glass or two of Cabernet =)