So the past few days have been just insane,well thats an understatement at my job (and im sure everywhereelse) there is no staff,getting pused to my limits over and over again is wearing me down so i was so glad for my weekend to finally hit. i was playing some killing floor 2 with my best friend and explaineing about some very bad miscommunication between my girlfriend and i,when she texted me inviting me to a outdoor beerfest later in the day,i called an uber and got down there,it was totally packed witg people everywhere. She was waiting in line for a beer when we met up,it was EXTREMELY awkward hug/greeting exchange and the conversation that followed becuse we had not gotten together for almost a month. We both got our choice beverages and watched happy apple (local band,bluesy rock) play there set before walking inside,we kind of wandered around got another beer untill they closed. We then got noodles and some other stuff at a wonderful japanese place moto-i before heading back to my condo. we finally just had a very long honest conversation about us and some stuff that went unsaid,She thought i was upset with her but didnt know how to go about communicating that with me properly. There were tears but it was a very good conversation overall and it neded to happen. We are staying together : )